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OBAMACARE: Deception in the ACA’s intent

Two architects of the Affordable Care Act - Ezekiel Emanuel, a bioethicist and fellow at The Center for American Progress, and MIT economist Jonathan Gruber - recently voiced troubling information regarding the intention of Obamacare.

Emanuel wrote an article in the Atlantic last month, “Why I Hope to Die at 75,” in which he argues that in many ways those who manage to live beyond 75 become a burden on health care resources and seldom make meaningful contributions to the quality of life for society as a whole. This simple-minded assessment seems to overlook the drain on resources presented by drug addicts, alcoholics, the

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IMMIGRATION: Time for Obama to work with Republicans

Re: “Obama vows to bypass Congress on immigration” (TNT, 11-6).

The last time I read the Constitution, the president was not in charge of immigration policy. That task belongs to Congress. President Obama continues to threaten Republicans with his executive authority in rewriting immigration policy. Republicans in Congress need to exercise their congressional authority and cut off Obama’s funds. Maybe that will cool his jets.

The president continues to claim a mandate to get things done. The way I see it, the people voted for Republicans because they didn’t like what the president and his party were doing.

Maybe it’s

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SEX TRADE: Who is speaking for the exploited?

Re: “Congress: Find a way to de-immunize the sex trade” (editorial, 10-26).

The subject of trafficking kids online for commercial sexual exploitation is surprisingly controversial. It pits the values of protecting First Amendment rights versus protecting children being lured into the dangers of the sex trade.

The Sunday editorial got it right by stating that it will take an act of Congress to change the 1996 Communications Decency Act to update the law prohibiting the selling of kids online.

Meanwhile kids are being sold everyday on Backpage.com and other websites. Backpage.com has teams of lawyers claiming immunity granted by

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ELECTION: Why would media endorse Dave Reichert?

It’s another election year and again our local media seems to want to endorse Congressman Dave Reichert (editorial, 9-29) who, in my opinion, lacks the essential skills to be an effective congressman. It’s even harder for me to understand why, when given an opportunity to lessen the damage a bill would have on the “freedom of the press,” he votes against that amendment to that bill.

We live in a very well-to-do district, but compared to the majority of congressional districts we are politically deprived and economically tax poor when it comes to the amount of taxes we pay

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ELECTION: Reichert has worked for veterans

An online letter writer (TNT, 9-30) objected to The News Tribune editorial board’s endorsement (editorial, 9-30) of Congressman Dave Reichert in the 8th District. I vehemently disagree with the writer’s reasoning and can only conclude that he is insulting this 30-year Air Force veteran, my veteran friends (including Reichert) and the voters of the 8th District by calling us anti-veteran.

Reichert has stood up for us. For example, his “Housing for Heroes” legislation, which combats veteran homelessness, was included in “The Honoring America’s Veteran’s Act” signed into law in 2012. Reichert has also been a leading advocate for not

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ELECTION: Lame reason to endorse Dave Reichert

I guess from The News Tribune endorsement of Congressman Dave Reichert (editorial, 9-30) that the voters of the 8th District are anti-veteran and that they favor sending American jobs to cheap-labor countries and generally turning the House of Representatives into a dysfunctional, broken, worthless government body.

I assume this is the case because the editorial board tells us that Reichert “is a better fit for the district and is an important link to the House Republican majority.” Your endorsement tells readers to vote for him because “he won almost 63 percent” in the primary.

I would think the editorial

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CONGRESS: Conservatives deserve our thanks

Re: “113th Congress to yield fewest laws in 60 years” (TNT, 9-23).

Why is this a bad thing?” As the old adage states, “sometimes less is more.”

Indeed, our country is increasingly becoming an overregulated “nanny-state,” particularly with federal legislation and bureaucracy that govern almost every aspect of an American’s life.

No, I am not an anarchist, nor even a libertarian. But too much of a good thing – such as federal laws – can become a bad thing. Whatever happened to “the land of the free” or “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”?

Even the most ardent

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GOP: Votes support sending jobs overseas, pay inequity

Every now and than kernels of political truth – easy for us to understand and interpret – are laid bare in a congressional vote. Last week there were two.

House Joint Resolution 124 would have called for denying government contracts to corporations that move their headquarters overseas to avoid paying U.S. taxes. Every Republican Washington state member of Congress voted against it.

The Senate could not move a bill forward giving women pay equity with men doing the same job. Every Republican senator voted to stop this bill dead in its tracks.

You may be for or against either of

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