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SUSAN RICE: Critics subject to name-calling

It’s laughable that a dozen Democratic female members of the House have resorted to saying that Republican opposition to the nomination of Susan Rice to be secretary of state “smacked of sexism and racism” (TNT, 11-19), especially since it was a Republican president, George W. Bush, who named the first black female, Condoleezza Rice, to become a secretary of state.

Are any of these among the 13 Democrats who opposed Condoleezza Rice when she was nominated? If so, they must have been racists and sexists also.

Why can’t liberals get it through their heads that it’s OK to oppose

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GOP: Senators show their hypocrisy

So Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham hold U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice responsible for misleading the American people about the Benghazi attack that led to four American deaths. The information about the terrorists was withheld because the government didn’t want them to know we were on to them.

Where were these two when Condoleezza Rice was purposely misleading (lying) about weapons of mass destruction that were supposedly in the desert and the reason behind going to war in Iraq that cost thousands of American lives?

Don’t GOP leaders realize how silly they look? Do they wish to destroy their party

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