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TRAFFIC: Divert focus to public transportation

Re: “No fast relief for I-5 traffic nightmare” (TNT, 5-18).

Over the 37 years I have lived in Pierce County, I have read dozens of news articles about how just one more lane, or two, on the I-5 corridor will fix the traffic problems in the area. When will those in charge of funding transportation realize that well run public transportation needs to be funded and may actually decrease the number of cars on the road?

It may take time to build commuter train infrastructure but it is worth it in the long run. Providing good, frequent commuter trains

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LAKEWOOD: Sounder service has an afternoon gap

Back on Oct. 8, I was the first passenger on the new Lakewood-to-Seattle Sounder service. I had been looking forward to the train since I moved to Lakewood and made sure to be there the first day.

While the train ride north in the morning was just fine, Sound Transit has dropped the ball on the return trip in the afternoon. Riders of the earlier morning trains north who wish to ride the first trains south in the afternoon have been left out in the cold.

The first two southbound trains in the afternoon only go as far as the

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