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LAKEWOOD: Ria Johnson supported for City Council

Re: “Simpson’s our choice for Lakewood City Council” (editorial, 7-10).

I have known Ria J. Johnson since she was in high school and have followed her ever since then. She has served on more community boards than any other Lakewood citizen at her age. Some of them are Lakewood’s Promise board, Lakewood Youth Council, the Greater Pierce County Community Network and Community Health Care, just to name a few.

Since she was 17, after overcoming many hardships, she has continually served her community. No one cares more about Lakewood. She has my support for City Council.


BUDGET: Shutdown would disrupt critical services

Re: “Governor plans in case budget talks fail” (TNT, 6-12).

Among those feeling anxious about a possible state government shutdown, are people who may lose access to life-saving health-care coverage while the Legislature still works on passing a budget. The needs of the patients we see at Community Health Care in Tacoma will not pause on July 1, nor will our need for critical resources to provide for our patients.

There is no time like the present for legislators to come to an agreement. I urge them to pass a reasonable budget that not only keeps critical services running,

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BUDGET: Taxpayer money spent on illegals

I was looking up health clinics the other day and was shocked to see what and who our tax money goes for.

Who do community health clinics serve? Answer: “Some of the special populations targeted to receive clinic services include: Migrant seasonal farm workers and non-citizen immigrants.”

Of course there are others listed, but these two stand out to me. Why is it that millions of dollars in taxpayer money is being spent in Washington state for illegals when it should be spent first on the citizens who are legally here?

Seems that would save a lot in

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