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COMCAST: Subscribers left out of Dex phone book

Two years ago, our name, address and phone number were not listed in the Dex phone book; it happened again this year. We called Dex and were told that Comcast did not send the names of its customers in this area. I wrote to Comcast. After several pieces of correspondence, I received a personal call from a Comcast representative. In fact, she called me a second time with further information.

She told me that Comcast is trying to help out with the paper problem in our country, thus it didn’t send any names to Dex. But neither did Dex ask Comcast to

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CLICK: Network offers welcome competition

I am sorry that KOMO TV and Click cannot come to a contract agreement.

I remember too well the sorry service, high fees and nonavailability of programs when we had access to only one cable company. I am not a proponent of government getting involved in private business enterprise, but as no other private business would intercede so that we could receive good and fair service, I signed on with Click at the first opportunity and will remain a customer. I have friends who have moved out of Tacoma and wish they could still receive Click.

I can watch the

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CLICK: Rates increase but service decreases

It is ironic that Tacoma Power-owned Click Network just raised its rates very substantially and now is telling its ever-dwindling customer base to “stay with us as we stand our ground” while customers are deprived of KOMO-TV, with its outstanding community reporting, as well as the ABC network.

Has anyone asked Click and its owner about the high salaries being paid to many of its employees? Where are the salary cuts and other cost reductions that one would expect a company to make when times are tough?

It is unfortunate that Click’s days as a cable TV provider in Pierce

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CLICK: Network should innovate, not copy

I read with dismay that Tacoma’s Click Network is considering bundling phone service with its existing offerings (TNT, 1-16).

Has Click looked at recent declines in phone service as people move towards alternatives like cell phones and Skype? It seems prudent to avoid a declining market rather than enter it.

Click ought to look instead towards offering innovations within its current services of broadband and cable TV. For example, Click could roll out higher-speed DOCSIS 3 Internet broadband service; Comcast has offered it here for a few years. Or look into home broadband/local WiFi (wireless) services that Comcast can’t

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TACOMA SCHOOLS: Why discourage volunteer help?

Re: “Union squelches school volunteer workers” (TNT, 4-29).

The last that I heard is that Tacoma Public Schools has a budget shortfall. I was surprised, saddened and angered to hear that a Tacoma school employees union would obstruct a group of volunteers at a weekend work party by limiting the work they could do.

There were at least 100 volunteers from Comcast to paint, remove overgrown bushes and spread beauty bark. The bushes were obstructing the staff’s view of people approaching the school and interfering with cars entering the school’s parking area. The last time the bushes were trimmed

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