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CHARLESTON: Hard to believe racism deniers

I grieve the murder of nine innocent African Americans as they prayed in their church in South Carolina, a state where the Confederate flag still flies with pride.

It is unbelievable that even in the face of the accused shooter’s own racist comments, “I wanted to start a war between the blacks and whites,” some of our so-called political leaders deny it was a racist attack.

Rick Perry says it was an accident. Jeb Bush says we don’t know the cause. Fox News, along with others, declares it a terrorist attack on Christianity. If I follow this thinking to its logical

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GUNS: NRA’s response is totally irrational

According to The Economist magazine, in America you are four times more likely to be murdered than if you live in the United Kingdom, six times more likely than in Germany and 13 times more than in Japan. Two-thirds of all murders here involve guns. In Britain that figure is under 10 percent.

And the National Rifle Association’s answer to this problem? More guns, armed teachers and guards in schools now according to NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre.

OK, so I am a teacher doing my job in the classroom and a shooter enters. I try to find the key to

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