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GUNS: Criminals ignore gun restrictions

It has been interesting to see all the anti-Second Amendment rights people call for more gun control since the Colorado shootings. If you look at locations like New York; Washington, D.C.; and other places with very stiff gun laws, you find that gun violence runs rampant. It seems the stiffer the gun laws, the greater the gun violence.

Why? Because criminals ignore gun laws just like they ignore other laws established to protect society. Responsible citizens disarm themselves to comply with the law, leaving the guns in the hands of criminals. It is much safer to commit gun crimes when

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CULTURE: Don’t expect decrease in depravity

While NCAA officials have deflated Penn State’s football program, it wasn’t “football that was placed ahead of educating, nurturing and protecting young people,”as NCAA President Mark Emmert said.

What drove the football down the Nittany Lions’ field, keeps scantily clad celebrities on stage, motivates politicians to promote gambling and besmirches the movie industry is a very low common denominator: sacrifice principle, preserve profitability.

It’s not where, or whether, the pigskin flies but rather the pigsty where America feeds that recent national events have exposed.

The folks responsible for what is shown in theaters, for example, have been looking inward lately

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SHOOTING: People too accepting of violence

The level of gun violence we’re seeing now is extreme, and should be treated as such, not just accepted as part of the world we live in now. It appears that many people are becoming desensitized to what’s happening, but I don’t see how they could not react strongly to the reality of the terrible pain shown in the front-page photo in Saturday’s paper of the family of one victim, Alex Sullivan (TNT, 7-21). Alex could have been anyone’s son or brother.

How is it that assault weapons are legally obtained, and shouldn’t we find that shocking? This should be a time for somber

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