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COLLEGE: Where’s help for middle-class students?

Re: “Promise of free college offers hope to poor students” (editorial, 3-17).

Where do students such as mine stand a chance? I am a middle-class, single mother with two sons. They do not qualify for federal/state financial aid or for low-income aid. They don’t have enough minority in them to qualify for any grants or scholarships.

Their high school does absolutely nothing to help get them any college assistance. They are not straight-A students, but they are good students who want to learn, get a job and contribute to society. They study, play sports, stay out of trouble and

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LEGISLATURE: Majority coalition caucus a flop

Re: “Where Legislature stands on bills” (TNT, 4-30).

Here we are at the end of another session, and can anyone say they are really surprised by the list of items that were not passed? There is no budget, no transportation package and – very important to my financial planning – no idea what my tuition rate will be next year.

I am disgusted by the majority coalition caucus and its success in dismantling what could have been a positive session. Instead, we as taxpayers must pay for a special session now to accomplish the basic tasks that legislators couldn’t

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