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COAL: Broad scope for review is welcome

We were very pleased to see the state Department of Ecology and Cowlitz County using their authority to raise questions about the vast threats of coal exports.

It is great that the state of Washington is including rail impacts along the entire train line. These trains don’t just materialize at the Washington border. The impact of increased coal traffic on emergency response times and air quality in Washington, Montana, and Idaho cities and towns would be significant.

Greenhouse gases are air pollutants and should be part of any responsible environmental study of projects with this magnitude. This should include evaluation

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COAL: Don’t prolong review of export terminal

Re: “Effects of coal terminals go beyond traffic” (Viewpoint, 10-22).

If a global environmental impact statement is needed for a commodity like coal, what would prevent similar studies for apples, wheat or airplanes? How would that impact the Port of Tacoma’s many jobs and tax revenue? I believe international trade from our port would slow, endangering 43,000 port-related jobs and disrupt $90 million in local and state tax revenues.

What about the goods we import from Asia? What would prevent an EIS on your shoes from Vietnam, your electronics from China or your clothes from India? These countries will

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COAL: Why import pollution from Asia?

Re: “Report warns of threats to oceans” (TNT, 10-6).

As a consumer of Northwest seafood, I read with great concern the latest reports of contamination in our waters.

International coal and shipping companies are seeking approval to strip-mine coal in Montana and Wyoming and ship it through ports in the Northwest for export to be burned in East Asian power plants. In reality, we would not be exporting coal; we would be importing mercury, sulfates, ozone, black carbon and other pollutants.

The Pacific Northwest lies directly on the path for pollutants from East Asia. Pollution blown into the jet

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COAL: More exports means a stronger state

Our elected officials in Olympia should be looking towards the future to find solutions for future budgetary shortfalls. We need to support private investment and economic expansion in our state.

Washington is a leader in exports – for now. More than 40 percent of jobs in our state are related to export industries. It is our export industries that sustain our economy, and provide the funding to enhance infrastructure and improve public schools.

More exports mean a stronger state. The Washington Farm Bureau has noted that port expansion proposals being debated right now to ship coal, agriculture and timber products

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POLLUTION: Coal proposal harmful to the Northwest

Major coal and shipping companies propose to strip-mine coal in Montana and Wyoming, transport it on long coal trains and massive cargo ships through Washington and Oregon, and sell it to Asia. Almost every major Washington community including Tacoma could be impacted.

According to Climate Solutions, shipping 130 million tons of coal annually would add more than 9,000 mile-long coal trains to Washington’s rail system every year. In addition to the added traffic congestion, there would be a variety of other impacts.

Each train car can lose 500 pounds of coal dust en route, polluting rivers, coastlines, farms, cities and

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