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CNN: What’s happened to news coverage?

Hurrah for Leonard Pitts Jr. who, once again, hits the nail on the head about television’s news coverage these days (column, 4-13).

I also have been bored and deeply disappointed that CNN has become a “one-note” reporter, having turned to whatever captivates the prurient public at the moment, while the news from around the world is relegated to the banner moving across the bottom of the screen. It’s not the only news program that does this, but it does carry boredom and ignorance of the rest of the world to new heights.

I long for the days when news

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RACE: Some courageous, others are shameful

John F. Kennedy inspired America by citing people who had displayed great courage, and fortunately some still do.

Nothing takes more courage than speaking out against something that most of the people in your racial or ethnic group may advocate, and nothing is more shameful than trying to use those same people to advance a political agenda by screaming “racism” or “bigotry” in an attempt to silence others who may have an opposing point of view.

On the courageous side of the ledger list Don Lemon of CNN News, Juan Williams of Fox News and Bill Cosby. Knowing that they

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MEDIA: Arrogant analysis of the Boston bombing

We now know who the murderers re who planted the bombs killing and injuring innocent people at the Boston Marathon. Until now we have been treated to the arrogant media – print and electronic – telling us that the culprits are most likely right-wingers who are angry at the government because of taxes (MSNBC). Or the fervent hope that the perp was a white man and not a Muslim (Slate).

Really? It reminds me of the instant analysis on ABC that the shooter at the Colorado movie theater might have ties with the tea party. Or that the shooting in

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DEBATE: Moderator was hardly unbiased

It would have been great if Tuesday’s debate had been a truly town hall debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney. Instead, it turned out to be a debate between the governor on one side and the president and CNN moderator Candy Crowley on the other side.

The Commission on Presidential Debates had arranged with the two campaigns that during this debate all questions would come only from the undecided voters who were invited. During her opening remarks, that’s exactly what Crowley said would happen.

It’s bad enough that Crowley kept butting in to ask questions instead of being a

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ELECTION: Liberal media giving Obama a pass

Consider this scenario: John McCain, a Republican, was elected president in 2008. After nearly four years he presided over a sluggish economy, added $6 trillion in new debt, the national debt is now $16.4 trillion and growing, spending is out of control, the number of food stamp recipients has doubled to more than 43 million people, our economy is heading for a fiscal cliff, job growth in anemic at best, unemployment is more than 8 percent and our foreign policy is in shambles.

Sound familiar?

If this were the case for McCain, the mainstream media would tear him to shreds

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MEDIA: What Fox News does isn’t news

Re: “Watch wide variety to get the truth” (letter, 9-13).

The letter writer states he is a Libertarian and prefers to watch new shows that feature Libertarian points of view. He also says that Fox News and Fox Business News are the only two channels that offer Libertarian views.

He goes on to say that all the other news channels on TV have a left-wing bias. I couldn’t disagree more. Only Fox News watchers consider ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN to be biased toward the left.

Fox News is the center of the political right-wing, religious fundamentalist universe. If

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MEDIA: Watch wide variety to get the truth

I am a Libertarian and like to hear other Libertarians on the news analysis shows I watch. The only channels that have any Libertarian speakers at all are Fox News and Fox Business Channel.

Judge Andrew Napolitano and John Stossel are two great Libertarian celebrities who often have on-air discussions with guests from Reason Magazine and the Cato Institute. Both are great Libertarian organizations.

Some people think Fox misinforms or underinforms its viewers. Those people criticize Fox for having a conservative (and somewhat Libertarian) bias. What these people don’t realize is that all media have bias in one way or

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MEDIA: Only Fox News provides both sides’ opinions

Re: “Fox, MSNBC viewers see the world differently” (TNT, 7-27).

Everyone knows that people who watch MSNBC and CNN are liberal and that most everyone who watches Fox News is conservative. The real issue is how the news is reported. Yes, Fox News does lean right, but MSNBC and CNN are both left. They report only liberal-left ideas and agendas, never offering a different point of few or opinion.

Every Fox News program presents both opinions so that the listeners can make up their own mind instead of having someone telling tbem how it should be. Fox News pits

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