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CPARK: Remarks reveal discriminatory attitude

Re: “Sexually assaulted girl awarded $754,000″ (TNT, 7-12).

Reading the repugnant remarks made by Clover Park School District’s attorney regarding the developmentally disabled girl, I was compelled to write.

The girl was awarded $754,000 for the sexual assault she endured at Lochburn Middle School. Attorney William Coats argued that the girl only deserved $50,000 because it was unlikely she would suffer as much as someone with normal cognitive abilities.

Really? This is how the district views the most vulnerable children? Disgusting.

Kudos to the jury. I hope the girl and her family can find some peace with this award.


CPARK: District wrong to discourage student

I hope that the article (TNT, 6-7) about Sterling Norris not being allowed to use sidewalk chalk in the Clover Park School District was just a misunderstanding.

I recently retired after teaching for 36 years at the elementary level. I not only allowed sidewalk chalk, I had it in my classroom and encouraged its use. We didn’t use it every day but often enough to make it special and fun.

Sidewalk chalk offers opportunities for both large and fine motor skill development and eye-hand coordination. It encourages creativity and group cooperation, and gives a whole different experience working on

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EDUCATION: Schools need to have high standards

Re: “Student to miss graduation over math test” (TNT, 6-17).

The student at Clover Park High School who could not graduate with the rest of her class due to failing the state math test is the victim of a decrease in school staffing. She probably was not reminded enough that she could submit her portfolio of math work, should she fail the state test. I am glad that Clover Park will not let her graduate, but sad for her.

My own daughter, who is certified to teach math, decided to go into special education math at the high school

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EDUCATION: Uphold value of high school diploma

Re: “Don’t let math prevent graduation” (letter, 6-21).

The writer’s response (to a student not being allowed to graduate with her class due to failing the state math test, TNT, 6-17) reflects an alarming attitude that fails to recognize crucial elements of a good educational system.

First, his allusion to Ana Coronado’s future success not being contingent upon her knowledge of math misses the mark. An unwillingness to apply oneself to the tasks required to meet the standards set is an impediment to future success. Dismissing certain established standards because you don’t see the relevance is intolerable in

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CPARK: Don’t let math keep student from graduating

Re: “Student to miss graduation over math test” (TNT, 6-17).

The state and Clover Park High School should explain to Ana Coronado why passing the math test is so important to her future, why she will not be a success as a citizen, employed and contributing to society if she doesn’t understand algebra and geometry concepts.

Explain to her in this digital world – where the answers for any math issue she will come upon in her lifetime can be found on her phone – why she has to know the concepts of algebra and geometry. Explain to her

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SCHOOLS: Voters should support CPark levy

I am writing as a community member who has been a student in the Clover Park School District in the recent past. I graduated from Lakes High School in 2007 and prior to that attended Hudtloff Middle School and Idlewild Elementary School.

There are many good reasons to pass the upcoming educational programs and operations levy. Eighty percent of levy spending goes to support the classrooms by maintaining smaller class sizes, purchasing current textbooks, and providing academic and career guidance. The levy also provides support for safety and security, like campus resources officers and fire alarms.

Voting yes for the

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CPARK: Federal funding supports military kids

I, as well as other officials with the Clover Park School District, have been working diligently for the last five years with Joint Base Lewis-McChord officials and our congressional delegation (particularly Congressmen Norm Dicks and Adam Smith) to address the conditions of our military schools.

The fruits of our labor have come thanks to Dicks’ school repair funding initiative. These funds will enable our military children on JBLM to learn in a favorable learning environment, and parents will not need to worry about the conditions of the school their kids are attending while deployed.

We appreciate the hard work of

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