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ELECTION: Didier bites the hand that feeds him

Clint Didier, a candidate for public lands commissioner, is a staunch conservative, last seen as a tea party-endorsed candidate for Senate in 2010. Based on his past statements, I don’t believe Didier even supports the concept of land in public ownership.

As a “smaller-government advocate,” Didier has campaigned against government subsidies. That’s an interesting position in light of the fact that the farm he owns was created and made possible by one of the largest public works (read socialist) projects in the history of the country, the Columbia Basin Project, which has subsidized the water supply of the entire region

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SENATE: Didier’s record reflects experience

In following election news, I start to wonder if we really get all the facts about our candidates in order to make an important decision on Aug. 17.

For example, Senate candidate Clint Didier is being described mostly as a former football player, with no experience. Indeed, he played in the NFL and had a wonderful record there, coming away with the experience and outstanding qualities needed for business and life in general.

Didier returned to his home state, invested his earnings in a farm, and was very successful working the ground for potato and alfalfa crops. He then started

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SENATE: Didier doesn’t offer anything new

I watched Senate candidate Clint Didier on television the other night. He said that a lot of our problems are due to “complacent” voters.

During the last major election, when President Obama was elected, there were a record number of voters. I have never personally been a “complacent” voter. I have always voted.

Didier never says what it is he would do if elected. What does he want to accomplish?

So what if Sarah Palin endorses him? Is that a plus? He needs to tell us what he would do on behalf of us? Take us out of Afghanistan? Bring

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SENATE: Didier wrong to attack fellow Republican

U.S. Senate candidate Clint Didier is showing his true colors, and I hope the Tea Party followers – and Republicans – are watching.

When Dino Rossi announced his candidacy to run against Patty Murray, Didier’s response was that Rossi is “a part of the Republican establishment.” I don’t understand this statement; Didier has been using the Republican brand for nearly a year to launch his campaign.

As a precinct committee officer for the Republican Party, I refuse to endorse any GOP candidate who resorts to personal attacks on a fellow Republican to gain votes. That scuzzy tactic belongs to the

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