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CLIMATE: Pope forgets about overpopulation problem

I was surprised to see that Pope Francis is concerned with environmental degradation and climate change (TNT, 6-19).

I agree with his critique of consumerism, irresponsible development and reckless pursuit of profits as factors contributing to destruction of the environment, but I see no mention of the root cause for all of these, which is obviously overpopulation.

Pope Francis has the power to make an enormous contribution to the problem of overpopulation: Simply issue another “papal encyclical” reversing the Catholic Church’s ridiculous prohibition of birth control.


CLIMATE: Cool it with all the hot air

Reports on climate summits and May’s record-breaking rainfall are distracting attention from a real and present disaster: the ongoing drought in the Western states.

According to the LDS Church News, dry winters and increased water demands in urban areas are exacting a heavy toll on farms, orchards, ranches and vineyards. Dwindling supplies are contributing to higher food prices, causing greater stress on middle-class wallets and more suffering for the poor and needy.

Reducing carbon emissions by 2050 isn’t going to help the farmers now. Furthermore, there is no objective, scientific proof that reducing carbon emissions will create a utopia with

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CLIMATE: ‘Person days’ a ridiculous way to assess effects of warming

Re: “Sweltering future in forecast for South” (TNT, 5-26).

We now have a new climate development called “person days” that enables us to further define the coming ravages of global warming. The climate cartel now multiplies the days in 2040 and beyond that exceed 95 degrees by the population of the affected areas (including projected demographic change) to arrive at the number of “person days” subjected to these scorching temperatures.

According to the authors of this important scientific study, if you wish to avoid this climatic death sentence, it would be wise to avoid relocation to Texas, Oklahoma or

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CLIMATE: Have we ticked off Mother Nature?

A 40 percent rise in carbon dioxide since the onset of the Industrial Revolution, and the last 14 years the hottest on record - an alarming set of numbers, to be sure. But an equally alarming number should be the number of ferocious storms that have pounded the country recently.

I don’t have exact data, but it seems that every night for months the news has begun with reports of major destruction. Either houses have been flattened, streets flooded, towns ripped apart, roads washed away, or unseasonable snowfall and hail has turned spring into winter. Oklahoma and Texas seem to get the brunt

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CLIMATE: Article biased against contrarians

Re: ”Climate skepticism takes toll on science” (TNT, 5-17).

This article reports on a study at the University of Bristol, England, which finds that climate scientists are downplaying future climate risks to avoid being labeled as “alarmists” and risking hate mail from climate “deniers.”

Yet the reporting in the article could not be more biased in favor of those scientists. The findings of just one study are presented unquestioningly, without considering possible biases in the study itself or of the journal in which it appeared (Global Environmental Change).

The point of the study is that any analyses of climate

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CLIMATE: Cap-and-trade would limit emissions

Monique Trudnowski’s recent Viewpoint (TNT, 4-26) criticizing Gov. Jay Inslee’s cap-and-trade plan is misleading. Although the Legislature passed a law requiring greenhouse gas emissions to come down to 1990 levels by 2020, it didn’t provide a way to enforce that limit. We’re not currently on track to meet it.

Inslee’s proposal would enforce the law by requiring the biggest emitters to cut carbon pollution using innovative market-based solutions and clean energy.

As president of Tahoma Audubon, I’ve seen the studies showing that half of our species of birds are threatened by climate change. We need to act now.

Transportation is

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CLIMATE: Take action on carbon pricing

As a president of a Boys & Girls Club board, I am increasingly concerned that my generation is taking insufficient action to address our warming climate. Early action is required if we are to avoid a poor legacy to our kids.

Washington is at the forefront of technological and business innovation. I urge state Rep. Pat Sullivan to fight to sustain our leadership in the 21st century economy by supporting the Carbon Pollution Accountability Act.

Pricing carbon and aligning our economy toward clean energy will build a broadly shared, sustainable economic prosperity that will power us forward in the years to

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ENVIRONMENT: Inhofe reflects broken process

Re: “A snowball’s chance” (Off the wire, 3-3).

I welcomed The Washington Post piece criticizing Sen. James Inhofe, R-Oklahoma, and his latest circus act. The editorial, however, did not go far enough.

Inhofe is an anti-environment ideologue, and his presence as chair of the Senate’s Environment and Public Works Committee renders impotent what should be a role of vital importance. That it is even possible, in these times, for this man to hold such a position reveals the depth of irrelevancy to which the 114th U.S. Congress has sunk.

The debate about whether global warming is real and fueled by humans

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