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CLICK: Why should we pay for channels we don’t watch?

Bill Virgin’s column (TNT, 5-18) was completely right about Tacoma’s Click cable system.

We as consumers buy a package of channels to get the ones we want, but we also have to pay for those we don’t want. I get about 90 channels but watch fewer than half of those. I am not interested in sports, foreign channels or most news-only channels.

Click definitely should change to a la carte pricing so that those folks who want sports channels or whatever pay for them. ESPN raised their rates, and I have to pay for it even though I don’t

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TPU: Utility’s initiative an exercise in deceit

Re: “Click wants to raise rates again, by 5-10 percent” (TNT, 6-4).

In the last two years, both Tacoma Water and Tacoma Power have raised rates by double digits and now Click Cable TV proposes a rate increase. So Tacoma Public Utilities would have the ratepayers believe they are putting the customer first? I find this to be very disingenuous.

TPU’s new strategic initiative, Customer Value First, is an attempt to make customers feel as though the utility is really working hard on their behalf, while at the same time implementing major rate increases across the board. TPU is

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CLICK: Network should innovate, not copy

I read with dismay that Tacoma’s Click Network is considering bundling phone service with its existing offerings (TNT, 1-16).

Has Click looked at recent declines in phone service as people move towards alternatives like cell phones and Skype? It seems prudent to avoid a declining market rather than enter it.

Click ought to look instead towards offering innovations within its current services of broadband and cable TV. For example, Click could roll out higher-speed DOCSIS 3 Internet broadband service; Comcast has offered it here for a few years. Or look into home broadband/local WiFi (wireless) services that Comcast can’t

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ECONOMY: Click and Tacoma don’t support E-commerce

Tacoma’s Click network is a pretty good network for home use, light business e-mail and static as well as semi-static websites. For serious E-commerce it is slow and expensive compared to alternatives.

The situation is similar to all the government retraining programs that turn out people who can’t find jobs while there is a huge need and virtually no supply of people who can work in modern, large E-commerce, especially E-commerce managers for modern platforms.