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BILLBOARDS: Digital signs bad for many reasons

I read with dismay the editorial, “Digital signs: Banned elsewhere, coming to Tacoma” (TNT, 2-7). Certain concerns were mentioned (driver distraction, nighttime light pollution, fan noise, e-waste), but one significant issue was missed – the potential for those flashing lights to trigger or exacerbate migraine headaches in susceptible people.

I am one of those people. Currently, when I see a bright, flashing digital sign, I have to hold up my hand to block it out of my vision – not a good thing for traffic safety.

I am upset that the Tacoma City Council approved this agreement with Clear Channel

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BILLBOARDS: Council did public a disservice

Re: “City signs off on digital billboards” (TNT, 7-29).

It is apparent that billboard conglomerate Clear Channel is the clear winner in the Tacoma City Council legal settlement
to allow the company to install digital billboards.

These digital billboards are even more distracting and dangerous than ordinary billboards. Why did the council make a major public policy decision without proper notice for public participation?

The public has not been well served.