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POLITICS: Democrats the real “party of the rich”

I got a nice chuckle last Sunday (5-13) while reading the Charles Barkley interview in Parade Magazine. The interviewer stated “I read somewhere that you’re a Republican; true?” Barkley answered “No, I said I was rich like a Republican.” I like Charles Barkley. He is a funny guy. Unfortunately, like many Americans, Barkley is uninformed.

The wealth in this country is held overwhelmingly by liberals and the “party of the rich” is the Democratic Party. This idea that the Republicans are the “rich guys” is just propaganda promoted by the Democrats for years and reignited by President Obama’s class warfare.

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ROMNEY: Ex-Republican’s view of class warfare rhetoric

Mitt Romney’s claim that President Obama is promoting class warfare is a classic example of the pot calling the kettle black. As someone who left the Republican Party because of its divisive rhetoric and shameless lies – i.e., Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck – I find this laughable, especially in light of Romney’s tax bombshell.

Make no mistake, class warfare began with reckless deregulation and was waged in earnest by the super rich when they crashed our economy with impunity. Not only did the perpetrators of the global meltdown escape prosecution in what amounts to legalized fraud, they’ve

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CLASS WARFARE: Sides are hard to distinguish

I’m confused about the class warfare that many people say is coming. I get the definition of poverty: a family of four with a yearly income of less than $25,000. But does $30,000 per year make you middle class? I think you would still be poor if you lived in parts of California instead of Georgia.

So, who is the middle class? My friend inherited $2 million but reports an earned income of only $35,000 to maintain her husband’s military benefits. Is she the enemy?

My Social Security, plus a small state teaching pension, amount to about $25,000 per year.

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ECONOMY: Smart voters study the past

Can anyone explain why so many middle-class voters I know prefer the Republican Party? The answer is simple. Smart voters remember that during Bill Clinton’s presidency, he had to endure a Republican Congress that was able to hold down his reckless spending. The Republican Congress during Clinton’s term is why the economy thrived.

Poor President Bush. The economy was good the first 7 1/2 years of Bush’s term, but, alas, the electorate voted in a Democratic Congress and, as a result, the economy began to tank. The media blamed Bush for the economic problems when they should have blamed the

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