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US: New citizens see the good in America

Re: “New citizens like the US – they swear it at ceremony” (TNT, 2-5).

Thanks for reporting on the naturalization ceremony Tuesday in Olympia where 10 South Sound immigrants from seven countries became American citizens. It was uplifting to hear them praise this country for giving them the opportunity to participate in the American Dream.

Contrast this attitude with some in America who see only the negative: discrimination, inequality, unfairness, bigotry, etc. The newly minted American citizens mentioned not a word of criticism of their new country. Instead they spoke of having opportunity, getting jobs, having the ability to earn

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OBAMA: President isn’t ‘outsourcing’ U.S. military

Re: “President is outsourcing our military” (letter, 7-8).

The letter writer complained about the swearing-in ceremony done by the military and accused President Obama of outsourcing the military to foreigners.

What rock has he lived under? The military has sworn in foreign nationals since at least the 1970s. It is done every year and has been a tradition in the service for a long time to encourage those who would serve us with citizenship.

This was not started by the current president, and several past Republican presidents have even been present during many of these ceremonies.


IMMIGRATION: Many choose the legal route

It was amazing and heartwarming to see all the people who have legally immigrated to this greatest nation on earth, then put the time and effort into become legal citizens of the United States celebrate their citizenship bestowed on them this July 4.

In Seattle, a 70-year-old-plus Iraqi woman became a U.S. citizen. People of every color, nationality, religion desiring to become American showed their love for this country and all it offers.

While liberals rant about illegal immigration enforcement and distort Arizona’s law to pretend it promotes racial profiling, and the administration files frivolous lawsuits against Arizona to pander

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