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PAY: Liberals show irrationality on minimum wage

Why is it that our friends on the left seem to understand economic realities on some things, yet forget about them on others?

They realize that if you make a resource more expensive we will use less of it. They have wisely raised the price of cigarettes. Fewer of us are now smoking. Through their regulations, they have raised the price of gasoline. Many have moved to alternative fuels. Obamacare has raised the price of Cadillac-plan medical policies, and fewer of us are getting them.

Liberals also know that if they can make a resource cheaper, we will use more

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TAXES: Inslee proposes a tax-and-spender budget

Re: “Inslee budget highlights” (TNT, 12-19).

What a surprise. To address a $2 billion state budget shortfall, Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee is going to up the cigarette tax and throw in new taxes for capital gains and carbon emissions. And repeal more than several current tax breaks.

Washington’s cigarette tax is one the highest in the country and will burden the heaviest smokers, often those struggling to get by. Imagine the wonderment as cigarette tax revenues evaporate to nearby states, where legions of Washingtonians already buy their liquor. Sin taxes are the first and last refuge of a tax-and-spender.

Capital gains tax

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LAKEWOOD: Cigarettes aren’t the real problem

As several recent letter writers have advocated for the Lakewood ban on smoking cigarettes in public parks, I offer something else to put in their pipes to smoke.

Every time I go to Fort Steilacoom Park, the air is so thick with car exhaust and wood smoke, I often think of cautioning joggers about running in such polluted air. They should be wearing gas masks. The respiratory problems caused by carbon dioxide and wood smoke particulates make the pollution caused by a few cigarettes almost negligible.

The park is bordered on one side by Pierce College, whose parking lots are

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TACOMA: Those butts last just about forever

I recently spent a few hours with over a dozen other members of our Midland community cleaning up our stretch of the road along Portland Avenue. We accumulated more than 34 bags of trash, and it could have been more had we picked up every single cigarette butt that was along the road.

There may well be a misconception among some smokers – indeed, I know there is – that cigarette butts decompose. Not so. While they may not last as long as hot dogs in the landfill, they certainly have longevity when tossed out a window or discarded carelessly

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CIGARETTES: Politicians blowing smoke

Re: “Roll-your-own smokes tax has retailers fuming” (TNT, 4-2).

Once again, under the guise of saving us from ourselves and caring about our health, the state government has found a way to take more of our money. More taxes. House Bill 2565 would increase taxes on roll-your-own cigarettes. Prices would go from $34.50 to $67.60 a carton, a nice increase.

Our politicians have never seen a tax they didn’t like. We have a case of Big Tobacco along with Big Government attempting to squash the so called competition by taking big money from low-income smokers. What a bunch of

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CIGARETTES: Most retailers favor RYO taxes

The headline on an April 2 article regarding “roll-your-own” (RYO) tobacco shops says, “Roll-your-own smokes tax has retailers fuming.”

Retailers we collectively represent are not “fuming” about the current proposal before the Legislature. We support it. The only “retailers” not supporting it are the outlets for cheap cigarettes that have taken advantage of a tax loophole.

Legitimate retailers such as grocery stores, convenience stores and gas stations currently sell cigarettes with tax stamps and collect the proper state and federal taxes. For many convenience stores, cigarette sales can be upwards of 30 percent of their total annual revenue.


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CIGARETTES: Save the roll-your-own stores

Re: “Roll your own hurts retailers and state” (letter, 3-24).

I disagree with the writer’s claims that roll-your-own (RYO) stores are bad for the economy of the state and are costing the state tax revenue.

Prior to finding a local RYO store, I was importing my smokes from an online duty-free outlet in Europe. Washington got no money from these transactions.

I’m sure a lot of RYO customers will go back to online ordering if the Legislature shuts these stores down. Others will shop for smokes in Oregon, Idaho or Canada.

The writer, the executive director of the Washington

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CIGARETTES: Don’t stifle competition

Re: “Roll your own hurts retailers and state” (letter, 3-24).

Whatever happened to the free marketplace?

This country was founded on entrepreneurship and free market. I am a retired small business owner and have dealt with the state on many issues. The only businesses that get support and breaks from the state are the large corporations, thereby causing the small ones to pick up the slack.

Who will pick up that slack when the government regulates the mom and pops out of business? Most corporations are mom-and-pop operations. If the roll-your-own tobacco shops are harming other companies, then the

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