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SMOKING: Voters spoke loudly on this issue

Re: “Smoking lounge ‘buy-in’ bill moves ahead” (Political Buzz, 3-20).

How does making more people exposed to, addicted to and sick from tobacco in order to “raise more money for critical health care programs” make sense? The cigar lounge bill would do just that.

I have been told that this bill is still being considered because it is “necessary to implement the budget.” I wonder who decided that? The last time I checked, state voters approved smoke-free indoor air for all workers in the state. And they spoke very clearly: Initiative 901 was passed by a wide voter margin and

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SMOKING: Extinguish ‘cigar lounge’ bills

House Bill 1683 and Senate Bill 5542 are designed to thumb their noses at existing tobacco laws (and seem to have El Gaucho written all over them) so that ill-defined “cigar lounges” and “retail tobacconist shops” can be established with special license endorsements for tobacco use.

Tobacco use is the No. 1 preventable cause of death and disease in Washington state. To open the door for special interests to allow more tobacco use as well as force the state to incur more tobacco-related health care costs seems foolhardy.

The murky parameters in the bills lend themselves to difficult enforcement. Cigarettes

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