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MILITARY: Obama’s cuts weaken US defense

It’s not surprising that President Obama’s 2015 budget proposal guts the military. The Democrats have a reputation of being weak on national defense. Have the threats around the world decreased?

Obama is proposing to cut the Army from 522,000 to around 440,000 and reduce benefits for service members and their families. It’s unconscionable that he would make this proposal while we are still at war. Soldiers are coming home with missing limbs and PTSD. Does Obama really appreciate the sacrifices of the military and their families?

Military benefits compensate members for low pay, help maintain an all volunteer force and

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SYRIA: Middle Eastern quicksand ahead

As a U.S. Army veteran, seeing Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel’s and other national leaders’ chest thumping about Syria is upsetting. Plenty of my friends have died overseas, and the American people should take a deep breath before involving ourselves in a conflict with the potential to boil over into a regional war drawing possibly Iran and Russia into, both of which are firm allies of Syria.

We should recall the warnings of both George Washington and Dwight Eisenhower and work to avoid all manner of foreign entanglements, more so as we work to divest ourselves of our entanglements in Iraq

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MILITARY: What’s wrong with looking like Europe?

Re: “Hagel gives Obama cover for military cutbacks” (David Brooks column, 1-9).

Brooks laments the possibility of America exchanging military might for Obamacare costs if Chuck Hagel becomes the next secretary of defense. Is it the case, however, as Brooks assumes, that all military budget cuts would transform automatically into increased health care costs?

I’d rather see both military and health care spending controlled. But even if Brooks were right, at least instead of lavishing money on weapons designed to kill people, we would be spending it on health care and healing.

The Wall Street Journal just published results

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