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MARRIAGE: Christians should oppose discrimination

I am a married, heterosexual Christian woman with three children. I am thrilled that Gov. Chris Gregoire has signed the gay marriage bill.

It is unfortunate that some in the Christian community are using the Bible, a book that teaches “love God, love your neighbor as yourself” to continue to pursue discrimination. I am sure that similar views, and some of the same Bible texts, were used to justify making interracial marriage illegal a few decades ago.

The Bible has a lot of rules many Christians do not follow today. Leviticus 11 describes clean and unclean foods; how many Christians

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MARRIAGE: Christians with secular views on gay marriage

Sexual liberation has been for many years a central goal of those who speak for the secular and irreligious political left, and it is not surprising to find this segment of American culture now pressing for “gay marriage” as part of its crusade for “human rights.”

What is (or should be!) surprising is that a number of Christians also support “gay marriage.” This is a curious fact, and it shows that many contemporary Christians have only very shallow roots in their religious tradition, while down deep they are much more in sympathy with the frankly secular currents of American life.

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NORWAY: Muslims also face unfair assumptions

Anders Breivik is a blond, Aryan, far-right, fundamentalist Christian, and one of history’s worst individual mass murderers.

“Why do they hate us so much?” “They hate our values and our freedom.” “He represents the real ideals of his religion, an ideology of hate.”

Will Christian fundamentalists who make such judgments about “Muslim terrorists” apply the same standards to their own? Or will they use a double standard and dismiss this act of “Christian terrorism” as an aberration committed by a lunatic?

The truth is, of course, that this man really is a lunatic. He no more represents the values of

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NORWAY: Killer isn’t representative of Christian conservatives

I feel certain that I represent many Christian readers who are horrified by what took place in Norway last week. It is beyond the pale in every way; it is impossible even to imagine the terror experienced by the young people on that island.

As the story unfolds, I’m sure we will discover that the man behind this massacre was either terribly ill or evil. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.

Of course I am distressed to see him labeled as a “Christian conservative,” because I know it will be like gasoline thrown on a fire for some readers

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QURAN QUOTES: Misreadings of Scripture?

A recent letter writer equated Muhammad and Jesus, asserting both were only teaching a pathway.

The problem is the nature of their respective paths. At the risk of being accused of cherry picking, in the Quran (Surah 2:191) Muslims are told, “…kill them where ever you find them…; such is the recompense of the unbelievers.”

Compare that to Jesus’s path (Matthew 26:52), “Put your sword back in its place, for all who draw the sword will die by the sword.”

Read both books, and determine for yourself which path leads to peace.


ISLAM: Wars fueled by hostile misreadings of scripture

Re: “Stop cherry-picking alarming quotes from the Quran” (Leonard Pitts column, 3-29).

So much of what was said can be applied to Rep. Peter King, R-NY, and his ongoing witch hunt to seek the “traitors” within our country that believe in Islam.

So much like the 1950s McCarthy witch hunt for all those “communists” within society, King finds little more than his own selected, and convoluted interpretations of readings from the Quran to fortify his persecution and accusations against Islam.

Islam had the prophet Muhammad much as Christianity had the teachings of Jesus to follow. Jesus did not teach man

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JIMMY CARTER: What is George Will’s version of Christianity?

Re: “Losing one house will make 2012 easier for Obama” (George Will column, 10-12).

So now Will feels that he can assail Jimmy Carter’s “version of Christianity” and find that it comes up short?

So a guy who in twelve paragraphs judges the merit of Jimmy Carter’s faith and summarizes the history of the U.S. since 1938 accuses another of being prideful?

With his “version of Christianity,” Jimmy Carter spearheaded Habitat For Humanity. I wonder what George Will has done with his?


RELIGION: Glenn Beck needs to do his homework

I would suggest that Glenn Beck do his theological homework before evaluating the quality of someone else’s Christianity.

The report on his assessment (TNT, 8-30) of President Obama’s faith as somehow deficient and a “version of Christianity” which American people won’t recognize reveals an ignorance of a very central theme of the Bible.

“Liberation theology” is a modern term for a theme at the very heart of the Bible’s testimony to the nature and activity of God. From beginning to end, the Bible shows God as an advocate for the poor, the powerless and those exploited by the powerful. It

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