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JUDAISM: Your ignorance and bias are showing

Re: “Murders: Hatred of Jews springs eternal” (editorial, 4-17).

Your ignorance and bias are showing. While it is true that we Jews have been the target of an untold number of unsuccessful attempts to exterminate and discriminate against us, past and present, Jews are not an ethnic group any more than Christians are an ethnic group.

We believe in the Jewish religion, and may be American, British, Spanish, German, live in the Middle East, etc.

I was pleased to learn, by your implication and my inference, that the Christian Bible is not biased, since you were so quick to point

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PITTS: Love thy enemy a seldom-followed teaching

Re: “Proof that love can – with time – overcome evil” (Leonard Pitts Jr. column, 4-3).

This column reminded me of the first two centuries of Christianity after Jesus’ death. Roland Bainton, the famed professor of ecclesiastical history at Yale University Divinity School, says in his 1960 book “Christian Attitudes Toward War and Peace”: “We may say that ecclesiastical authors before Constantine condemned Christian participation in warfare.”

The very early Christians followed the teaching of Jesus to love the enemy, as Jesus said from the cross, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do” (Luke 23:34). That

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VETERANS: War memorial excludes many faiths

For those of you that have not seen the religious monument at War Memorial Park by the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, let me describe it.

Above the monument is a faded photograph of three caucasian gentlemen with a caption that reads: “The religious monument paying tribute to the courage and patriotism of Americans of all faiths was dedicated in March 1961. The brass symbols are mounted on a block of sandstone, which itself rests on a concrete base.”

These brass symbols? A cross and a Star of David.

If you believe that Christianity and Judaism represent all faiths in our military

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MARRIAGE: Christians wrong to assimilate with cultural trends

Re: “Christians must base belief on Bible, not culture,” (letter, 5-11).

After reading this letter, I was very encouraged. Not everyone may agree with how one lives their life, but I really appreciate one thing the writer mentioned: It is wrong that Christians are assimilating with cultural trends.

As a Christian, I find it hard to find Christians who truly know and follow the Bible. In my opinion, the Bible is a stepping stone of faith. If you’re a professed Christian, you should know the Bible and why you’re a Christian.

It is very encouraging to see someone not

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RELIGION: Abolish National Day of Prayer

I read an article in the Puyallup Herald about the National Day of Prayer event held in Puyallup. It stated that worship leaders of the event included a military chaplain, a state representative, first responders and the police chief. The mayor spoke at the event.

What in the world is going on? Government officials and public employees leading a religious event? Were they acting in an “official” capacity? Was this event city-sanctioned? Were any tax dollars used to pay for this event? Were other faiths besides Christianity participating, or asked to participate, in this event? The questions go on and

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GOP: Government according to the Bible?

I remember when it was prudent to refrain from invoking the Bible or testifying how Christian, or what type of Christian, a candidate might be. John F. Kennedy, a Catholic, proclaimed he wouldn’t be beholden to the Vatican were he elected president; he would serve as president according to the Constitution.

It was understood this was how it is. After all, governmental powers and limitations are constructed by the Constitution, not the Bible. Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich would have you believe government should be run in accordance with biblical principles.

This is opposite what the founding fathers imagined. The

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MARRIAGE: Christians should oppose discrimination

I am a married, heterosexual Christian woman with three children. I am thrilled that Gov. Chris Gregoire has signed the gay marriage bill.

It is unfortunate that some in the Christian community are using the Bible, a book that teaches “love God, love your neighbor as yourself” to continue to pursue discrimination. I am sure that similar views, and some of the same Bible texts, were used to justify making interracial marriage illegal a few decades ago.

The Bible has a lot of rules many Christians do not follow today. Leviticus 11 describes clean and unclean foods; how many Christians

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MARRIAGE: Christians with secular views on gay marriage

Sexual liberation has been for many years a central goal of those who speak for the secular and irreligious political left, and it is not surprising to find this segment of American culture now pressing for “gay marriage” as part of its crusade for “human rights.”

What is (or should be!) surprising is that a number of Christians also support “gay marriage.” This is a curious fact, and it shows that many contemporary Christians have only very shallow roots in their religious tradition, while down deep they are much more in sympathy with the frankly secular currents of American life.

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