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LOBBYISTS: Money seems to open doors

Re: “In Olympia, lobbyists grabs the tab – and the connection” (editorial, 5-5).

Lobbyists’ ability to access our elected legislators rings true for me; my multiple efforts to speak with legislators regarding bills (SB 5304 and HB 1408) that would allow digital billboards on our state roadways went unanswered.

Yet Tacoma-based Gordon-Thomas-Honeywell (GTH) – lobbyists for advertising behemoth Clear Channel Outdoor (CCO) – apparently had much better luck. GTH, which has been paid more than $51,000 in 2012 and $19,300 to date for 2013 by CCO, managed to grab the attention of the bills’ sponsors when I could not.

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INITIATIVES: Bill is sensible consumer protection

Re: “Initiative reform: First, show us the problem” (editorial, 2-17).

If you knew a storm was coming, would you board up your house? Would you go to the store beforehand to make sure you had provisions?

That’s exactly what state Rep. Chris Reykdal’s bill on ballot measures is doing.

Oregon has seen terrible abuses to its initiative system. It’s caught paid signature gatherers holding fraud parties. Just last year, three signature gatherers were charged with ID theft. A quick search found that Montana, Arizona, Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado, Florida and Maine have all seen similar cases of fraud and forgery.


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