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PUYALLUP: Hastings and McNutt have substance

As I listen to all the accolades about who’s the best candidate for the Puyallup City Council, I can’t help but remember the old Wendy’s commercial: “Where’s the beef?” Which candidates ahve genuinely contributed the most during the time they’ve been involved in city service and will continue to do so?

The Planning Commission, a citizen volunteer group, is frequently a training ground for City Council candidates. Since there are three commission members campaigning, just look back and see which commissioners really contributed to the tasks they were given. Or you can easily go to www.cityofpuyallup.org/puyallup-on-demand to hear who consistently

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PUYALLUP: Chris McNutt has straightforward ideas

As a resident living a block away from the formerly proposed halfway house on Shaw Road, I would like to commend Chris McNutt on all the work he did to inform the community during a confusing, stressful time. His knowledge was invaluable. His experience on the Planning Commission, his understanding of government infrastructure and the ability to explain it all clearly were immensely helpful.

McNutt has straightforward ideas on traffic, budget and parks. Puyallup needs a councilmember who is clear and direct. I believe this to be McNutt. Speaking with him and his wife as they went door to door

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PUYALLUP: Support Hastings, Hopkins, McNutt

Puyallup has righted the ship in the last 18 months as a newly elected council started pounding away at our city debt ($107 million at its highest, down to $60 million now), started auditing city departments to eliminate waste and improve efficiency (the city now has money to fund Tier 2 projects), and has freed the city from frivolous and wasteful lawsuits.

We need to keep this momentum going on Nov. 5. The candidates for City Council who will continue to move us forward, not turn us back to the free-spending, lawsuit-earning days of Kathy Turner are John Hopkins (District

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PUYALLUP: Candidates need fiscal responsibility, transparency

Two needed qualities from our Puyallup City Council candidates include financial responsibility and transparency in government. We learned at the League of Women Voters Forum this week that two candidates are lacking in both of these areas.

Candidates Steven Hastings (District 2) and candidate Chris McNutt (District 3) both admitted that they have filed a personal bankruptcy in the past. Yet both argue in the voters pamphlet how well trained they are at fiscal responsibility and how they are qualified to manage our multimillion-dollar city budget.

The ability to be transparent in all actions is sorely needed within our City

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PUYALLUP: Chris McNutt leads by example

Chris McNutt saved my family.

About a year ago, my family found ourselves without a home and struggling after I came home from serving in Iraq. The McNutt family took us in and helped me care for my wife and infant.

Within a few months, McNutt had helped me get a job and a car. Soon after he helped us move into our own home, which he arranged to be rent free while we paid off our debts and got on our feet.

Now, one year later, we have a new baby, I have a promising career in front of

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PUYALLUP: McNutt valuable in stopping halfway house

I’ve worked closely with both the Puyallup Planning Commission and the City Council. I’m the founder of Shaw Come Together, the citizen group responsible for stopping the halfway house on Shaw Road in Puyallup

Chris McNutt was an amazing resource by helping bridge the gap between concerned community members and City Council as well as other state officials. Every one of the Shaw Come Together volunteers relied heavily on his wisdom, information, contacts and skills.

McNutt was a major asset to our efforts, including drafting the council-approved city ordinances through his volunteer position as vice-chairman of the Planning Commission. I

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PUYALLUP: Elect Hopkins, Hastings and McNutt

On Nov. 5, Puyallup citizens will have the opportunity to elect three new members to the City Council. Since I live in District I, I will be voting to re-elect John Hopkins for and helping Steve Hastings and Chris McNutt with their efforts to win seats in District II and District III. And here’s why.

I’ve been following the council meetings and member voting intensely since 2005. I’ve witnessed the good, bad and ugly. But for me the most important issue has always been how each member votes on each issue.

During Hopkins’ last two years on the council, he

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PUYALLUP: City Council could use Chris McNutt

I support Chris McNutt for Puyallup City Council because he is knowledgeable about budgets and long-term planning.

McNutt speaks with honesty, has great vision and has the integrity I look for in a council candidate.

He is a family man and cares deeply about the future of Puyallup for all of us and his family. His decisions have been and will be made with wisdom and thoughtful study of all issues brought before him.

McNutt has proven integrity in service to his community and to his family. He is running a clean campaign. He, along with his wonderful wife, are

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