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HEALTH CARE: Give home-care workers a raise

The Legislature needs to pass a budget that supports working people like myself.

I’m a home-care aide in Tacoma who provides vital daily support and services for vulnerable seniors and people with disabilities. That means my clients depend on me to get out of bed, prepare their food and drive them to required appointments.

Despite my two years of experience, I earn just slightly more than $10 per hour. Home-care workers like myself have not had a pay raise in five years. Former Gov. Chris Gregoire included a $1 per hour raise, paid over the next two years, in the

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GREGOIRE: Her logic on spending is wrong

Re: “In good times and bad: Economy defines her legacy” (TNT, 12-30).

The article on Gov. Chris Gregoire’s legacy included the following gem of a quote from her:  “… that if the money left in reserves had been any larger, lawmakers feared it would tempt a voter initiative to cut taxes.”

Does this logic make sense to anyone from either side of the aisle? Gregoire had excess taxpayer cash in her hands that she did not have to spend. But rather than risk taxpayers questioning if tax rates were appropriate, she spent it.

In the private sector, you spend

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DSHS: That’s taxpayers’ money, not DSHS’s

Re: “DSHS to pay $11 million in abuse case” (TNT, 12-12).

It is truly sad that our state Department of Social and Health Services cannot protect our foster children. Maybe we will get a governor someday who can ensure that it does. However, I have another point to make, and it’s about the reporting.

Every media outlet talks about or prints that the federal, state, county, etc., government must pay out X dollars because of some failure of a government entity to effectively do its job. The point that should be made is that the money belongs to the

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ELECTION: What was McKenna’s quid quo pro?

Rob McKenna tells us not to worry about his nearly $200,000 in out-of-state junkets because somebody else paid for them (TNT, 10-29). I want to know the quid pro quo McKenna provided for his travels. I also want to know who funded the Republican Attorney Generals’ Association and financed his travel in his unsuccessful attack on the Affordable Care Act.

Whereas Gov. Chris Gregoire’s out-of-state travel was in support of the bipartisan litigation she led against the tobacco companies to limit their ability to market their poisons to children (and to extend the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department’s victory over

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UNIONS: Taxpayers are losers in this deal

Re: “Deal would give back 3 percent wage cuts” (TNT, 9-16).

Gov. Chris Gregoire had negotiated the “restoration” of a 3 percent wage cut with state employee unions. This increase was granted even though unemployment remains high, the economic forecast has not improved, and inflation and the cost of living have not increased.

But there’s no doubt that union contributions to Jay Inslee’s campaign will increase and that, if elected, he will return the favor by granting even higher wages and benefits to state employees regardless of the state’s economic performance.

Private sector taxpayers are double losers in this game

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GREGOIRE: Trade mission for lame duck governor?

Re: “Governor leading trade mission”  (TNT, 6-14).

Another gaggle of politicians and briefcase carriers are off on an all-expense-paid boondoggle disguised as a “trade mission,” this time to economically challenged Ireland, Wales and merry olde England, software, apples and airplanes in hand.

Great news for those Washington industries to have our governor do their bidding for them! They’ll undoubtedly  be able to lay off hundreds of their marketing professionals. And, all of this, according to Gregoire’s spokeswoman, at little or no cost to we the people.

Most of the money for this first-class excursion will come from federal grants,

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RECALL: Race more about a weak opponent

Wisconsin’s recall election shows that Gov. Scott Walker had advantage of time and the possible forgetfulness of some state voters. Tom Barrett, current mayor of Milwaukee, was chosen as challenger even though he was a two-time gubernatorial loser.

Walker knew he would be up for possible recall as far back as November 2011. Barrett threw in his hat on March 30; he won the primary May 8 – a full 28 days before the general recall. Walker’s campaign had six months of time to set his agenda, gather alliances and money. Barrett lost in the 2002 primary and again in

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MURRAY: Senator has always been responsive

Re: “Legislators aren’t listening to us” (letter, 6-11).

Unlike the writer, I have had quite a few contacts with Sen. Patty Murray over the years, and she has always been very responsive to my comments and inquiries. I admit that I did not use email in these contacts, but wrote letters to her using her Seattle address (The Honorable Patty Murray, 2988 Jackson Federal Building, 915 Second Ave., Seattle, WA 98174).

I believe that all of our legislators’ addresses and other contact information may be found on the Access Washington website.

Like the writer, I am a retiree

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