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VACCINES: Stupidity about science abounds

Regarding the recent outbreak of measles linked to an unvaccinated idiot at Disneyland: Seriously?

During the last presidential election, we got to see the Republican Party and its minions proudly state that they do not believe in evolution or science, and now we have Chris Christie and Rand Paul espousing their belief that choosing to not vaccinate is a “freedom” issue and more about dreaded government interference.

Paul is a doctor? Good grief.

The antivaxxers like to bring up the “studies” that prove that vaccinations are harmful, ignoring the fact that science does not back them up. It has now become de rigueur to question

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SUPER BOWL: Bridge tie-up could put fan in a tight spot

I’m a 71-year-old veteran of Vietnam who thought the pinnacle of his life would be to go to the Super Bowl for my hometown team, the Seattle Seahawks.

I now find out the Super Bowl is in East Rutherford, N.J., and I have to cancel my plans because I have a serious prostate problem and have to use the bathroom every three hours, and where would I be if someone in Gov. Chris Christie’s office flicked a switch and created a traffic jam at the bridge leading to the stadium that kept me in my car for six hours? I’d

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POLITICS: Liberals should end malicious tactics

Some political events are easily explainable and profoundly indicative of malicious, offensive partisan behavior.
I cite two of many instances where two of America’s most honorable men were falsely maligned for partisan political purposes – with the overwhelming complicit support of the mass media.

• The “Borking” (a systematic defamation of a highly qualified nominee for the Supreme Court, led by the malicious slanders by Ted Kennedy behind the protections of the Senate floor) of the late Robert Bork.

• The “Borking” of Mitt Romney –one of the most decent, reputable, competent, experienced nominees ever for president – by

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SANDY: Storm proves need for federal help

Though a citizen of Tacoma, I was raised in Philadelphia, spending summers at the Jersey shore. It breaks my heart to see the devastation there.

Watching President Obama and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie respond to this disaster demonstrates just how irrelevant Mitt Romney is now.

Romney and Paul Ryan disdain the very concept of federal assistance, which my friends and relatives in Jersey desperately need. Romney would break our public labor unions, eviscerate the Federal Emergency Management Agency and “privatize” emergency aid, throwing us to the mercy of corporate scalpers.

Incidentally, FEMA only has 7,000 full-time employees and regularly

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ROMNEY: Trump endorsement pitiful

Re: Donald Trump’s endorsement of Mitt Romney.

It is clear to the most moderately intelligent observer that the GOP has already ceded the 2012 election to President Obama.

The party’s serious candidates – Jeb Bush, Mitch Daniels, Chris Christie and David Petraeus – have deferred until 2016. This leaves the Republican stage crowded with clowns and losers.

Newt Gingrich was rejected by his own party in a previous Congress. Rick Santorum lost his last election by double digits. The Donald and the Willard can only be regarded as Marie Antoinettes in gray flannel.

It is sad to see the

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POLITICS: Republicans thrilled with candidates

Over the past few months the mainstream media, including columnist Eugene Robinson (TNT, 9-27), has been telling us the same thing over and over about the Republican presidential candidates: They make up a weak field.

That doesn’t surprise me. The vast majority of journalists in this country are liberals, and they vote for the Democratic candidate. They never seem to pass up a chance to downplay Republicans and cheerlead for President Obama.

If the journalists quote a source for their “weak field” report, they usually state it was anonymous or a secret GOP political operative or donor. Would that

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COLUMNIST: Republican held to higher standard

The news cycle must be very slow in the eastern part of country. Eugene Robinson proves this with his latest column (1-2), an attack piece on Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey.

Where was Robinson’s outrage at President Obama as he vacationed while the huge oil spill was occurring in the Gulf of Mexico?

Not a word about that from Robinson despite the loss of life and thousands of people out of work, loss of businesses and tremendous loss to the economy. Where was Obama? Busy vacationing way up north, in Martha’s Vineyard off a much different coast.

But as

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