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CHINA: Hacking shows why US should disengage

Re: “Hacking tied to China” (TNT, 2-20).

I remember (vaguely) the Cuban missile crisis and how President John Kennedy issued an ultimatum that accomplished its purpose.

I remember when the United States was a country that was the envy of the world. I remember when the United States was a leader, in terms of technology and, generally at least, morals. I guess I’m nostalgic. These things are fading fast, and in some cases have faded almost completely from existence.

Former generations would have ceased all engagement with China long ago. But now, money and power are the do all

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AIR QUALITY: Coal trains will just add to problem

The news of mainland China spewing atmospheric pollutants at a unprecedented volume presumably from its more than 2,500 coal-powered power plants, didn’t come as much of a surprise after reading the Jan. 15 article, “Persistent smog angers residents, state media.”

The Washington Post article reports an air quality level in Beijing, China, of 755. U..S experts consider anything above 150 unhealthy.

Meanwhile the battle rages in Whatcom County over the construction of the $500 million Cherry Point Terminal, where opponents claim that as many as 18 to 20 trains a day of up to a mile-and-a-half long will be

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FISCAL CLIFF: It’s time to bite the bullet

There are a number of ways that we could begin to cope with the absolutely disastrous financial situation we are in, but none of them are popular with most of the people who would have to make any meaningful sacrifices.

Just raising taxes on the rich would not even begin to solve the problem. All of us will have to make do with a little less if we can ever hope to turn the situation around.

In addition to significantly raising taxes on wealthy people, I would strongly support government spending cuts in a number of areas (including some that

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ECONOMY: Turn out the lights, the party’s over

Back when Howard Cosell, Frank Gifford and “Dandy Don” Meredith introduced America to Monday Night Football, if a game became a lost cause for one of the teams, Dandy Don would sing, ‘’Turn out the lights, the party’s over.” That pretty well sums up what was once the American dream.

Twenty-three million Americans are unemployed while 15 million illegal aliens are here doing work those U.S. citizens could be doing and are receiving government benefits while demanding amnesty and full citizenship. Forty-seven million people are getting food stamps that can be used to buy fillet minion and lobster. Unemployment compensation

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PUYALLUP FAIR: Cadavers’ origins challenged

The Puyallup Fair is hosting an exhibit called “The Body: The Universe Within.” presented by Universe Within Touring Co. The exhibit has 200 cadavers from China on display. The bodies aren’t from criminals and were ethically collected, stated company manager Jim Merila (TNT, 8-31). They are preserved by a process called plastination invented by German Gunther von Hagens.

Today, Chinese prisons, detention centers and forced labor camps are overflowing with the arrested cultivators of the spiritual practice Falun Gong (also called Falun Dafa). This Buddha School discipline became outlawed by the Chinese communist government under the leadership of Jiang

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FAIR: Bad decision to display cadavers

Re: “Cadaver exhibit coming to Puyallup Fair” (TNT, 8-10).

I usually attend the fair every year so I can see the products turned out by local talent, enjoy the corniness of the “Gentleman Juggler” and even get to attend some big-name talent. I was particularly excited to see that Jackie Evancho was going to be here this year, along with other entertainers I enjoy listening to.

Unfortunately, due to the decision to include 200 Chinese corpses as an “educational display” I will be staying home this year. Thanks for helping me make that decision.


JOBS: Tariffs needed more than better education

Thomas Friedman’s recent column (TNT, 8-12) used a lot of words to tell us something we already know: American schools are not the best in the world, not even close. But what he neglected to mention was that even if our education system regains the top spot, our standard of living is going to continue downward unless additional steps are taken.

Friedman said it himself: CEOs manufacture their goods where labor is cheapest. So no matter how smart and educated we are, businesses are going to abandon America until our wages fall below the wages of places like China

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CHINA: Where’s outcry against forced abortions?

There was an article about forced abortions in China (TNT, 6-25). I have been watching for follow-up, especially outcry from pro-choice people about this human rights violation.

Do pro-choice advocates only protest when restriction are on abortion? Shouldn’t they be equally vocal when it comes to protecting the rights of woman to have children?

I avoid products made in China as much as possible. This is one more reason to not buy “Made in China.”