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CHILDREN: Keep kids active after school

More than 10 million kids nationwide, including 183,099 in Washington, attend after-school programs. A new study from the Afterschool Alliance highlights critical but sometimes-overlooked benefits of the programs: They’re helping kids eat healthy and be active, and offering the healthy choices that parents demand.

According to survey data from Kids on the Move, 85 percent of Washington parents say their children’s program offers opportunities for physical activity. That’s exactly what parents of children in these programs want them to provide.

After-school, before-school and summer learning programs support kids, parents and communities in many other important ways. They keep kids safe,

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CHILDREN: Toddlers don’t need to go high-tech

As a recent grandma – this was my grandson’s first Christmas and, soon after, first birthday – I found that when shopping for gifts I couldn’t’ find any toy that didn’t’ require batteries.

I feel it’s important to give children – especially in their early years – toys that spark their imagination. When I went to the store and asked for a simple hammer-and-peg toy, I was told, “Oh, you mean old school.” I had to go to a secondhand store to find one.

I also had to go there to find simple wooden toy cars instead of the ones

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HEALTH: World can help children live longer

Remember the sights, sounds and feelings from your child or grandchild’s 5th birthday party and the joy and changes experienced during those first five years of life. Now, consider the 20,000 children dying every day from treatable and preventable diseases.

Remarkably, in the past 30 years, the number of children dying every year around the world has been cut in half because of global partners working together to get simple vaccines and antibiotics to children to fight common killers like pneumonia and diarrhea.

This week, world leaders are gathering in Washington, D.C., for a “Call to Action” co-hosted by the

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TACOMA: Children still being left alone in cars

Incredulous. That was the only word that could describe the scene I witnessed today in Tacoma, as a young man left his car running, small child strapped into a child’s seat in the car’s back seat, and ran into a store to return an item.

While he was gone mere seconds – insufficient time for me to even dial 911 on my cell phone – someone easily could have just hopped into the car and sped off, child in tow.

What is behind someone doing this? Is it arrogance? A sense of invulnerability? Or, mere stupidity? Whatever – it is

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CHILDREN: The childless pay price for others’ reproduction

Re: “Don’t judge screamers’ parents: Your day may come” (TNT, 5-9).

I know many folks won’t like hearing this, but I’ll bet others probably wish it had been said a long time ago: Your decision to have a child is your choice. Don’t impose your inability to deal with the consequences on others.

Whatever you say about “accidents,” “my folks wanted grandchildren,” “it’s a biological mandate,” “it’s my right,” etc., you alone are responsible. Much of our trouble today stems from letting emotion supplant reason.

Having chosen to be childless, I find myself surrounded by a culture biased toward those

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CHILDREN: It’s good to be raised by a village

Re” “From a mother’s perspective, it still takes a village” (TNT, 5-6).

I love my mother. And I’ll bet that you love yours, too.

In her article, Celia Jackson discussed raising children and how it takes more than just two people. There is an African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

I couldn’t agree more. I haven’t had kids yet, but I have grown up with many adults whom I have known my entire life. I have been raised a churchgoer, which has amounted to the influence of many different people on my upbringing. There are people

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