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ABUSE: Is screening needed for teachers?

Much has been written about the sexual abuse that occurred in the Catholic Church in recent decades. There has been a great deal of vitriol aimed at the church for that abuse and how it was subsequently handled.

An objective look at the church’s response will show that many safeguards are now in place, including more stringent psychological screening of candidates for the priesthood. So why not require psychological screening for those wishing to enter the teaching profession?

Another high-profile arrest (TNT, 2-8) seems to suggest that too many new teachers are unaware of appropriate boundaries with students. If

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PENN STATE: Raise awareness, protect children

Child abuse is a scourge. The Penn State debacle is ugly and disturbing.

The effects of child abuse are far reaching and tragic, not only for the children, but for society as a whole. The resulting trauma is not always, but statistically is very strongly, correlated with future mental health issues, drug and alcohol addiction, and criminal behavior.

Years ago, I worked for Child Protective Services, then as a mental health specialist at Group Health, and finally as a psychiatric evaluator for admissions at Fairfax Hospital.

It became painfully obvious to me that as a society it would be far better

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BUDGET: Protect children, keep vital funding

As the fallout continues from the Penn State child sexual abuse allegations, we are reminded of the devastation and magnitude of the resulting consequences of these crimes.

These incidents highlight the fact that as community members we are accountable in educating others to identify abuse and protect our most vulnerable populations, especially our children. We must learn to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to the realities of child sexual abuse.

A child’s safety is an adult’s responsibility. We cannot rely on children to protect themselves, and we must not ignore our suspicions, but act on them if we suspect abuse

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CHILD ABUSE: CASA volunteers help abused/neglected children

Your excellent editorial (TNT,4-8) points out the importance of citizen involvement in preventing domestic violence. In addition to being aware of and reporting possible abuse or neglect, there is another way people can get involved.

The CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) program uses ordinary citizens to advocate for children who have been placed in foster care. We are the voice of children and the eyes and ears of the court.

I have personally found the CASA program to be one of the richest, most satisfying volunteer experiences I have ever participated in. I have received outstanding training and support from

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CRIME: Child’s killer should not be set free

Re: “FWay man charged in 2-year-old’s death” (TNT, 11-30).

Ron Wallace Jr. is charged with beating and shaking to death an innocent child entrusted to his care. Am I the only person in absolute disbelief that, if found guilty, he may only receive 11 to 20 years in prison? He probably would be paroled before serving his full sentence. He has two prior assault convictions, one against his 8-week-old daughter. If he would have been properly incarcerated then, maybe the 2-year-old would still be alive.

Wallace is obviously a disturbed and angry man. What is wrong with a justice system

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