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TACOMA: Cheney miscue similar to tanker bid

The ongoing story on the Cheney Stadium roof sounds just like the contract issues Boeing suffered through with the Air Force tanker deal.

Requirements changed, and not all the bidding parties were privy to the information. The Air Force had to put the tanker contract out for a rebid, but unfortunately Cheney is done.

My family used to love having the option of moving from sun to shade or rain to cover. Now we won’t have that choice.


TACOMA: Questions about Cheney Stadium deal

Re: “Something shady about the stadium” (Peter Callaghan column, 3-22).

The issue of the stadium roof (or lack of one) raises many questions.

• When does “avoiding transparency” become “knowing collusion”?

• When does “after the city’s own documents prove that it was a requirement, city officials continue to assert that it wasn’t” become lying to avoid admitting guilt?

• When does “and was done for the regular fan” become an out-and-out prevarication?

• When does “city representatives had an interest in keeping the Pacific Coast League financially viable and in town” become a poor excuse for not “speaking for

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TACOMA: Roof issue was handled badly

Re: “Cheney Stadium’s receding roofline” (TNT, 3-20).

I am excited about the new venue and all the new amenities; Tacoma fans need them and deserve them. But I am really disappointed that there seems to have been some shenanigans going on with the powers to be and shortsighted thinking by some key people about the roof issue.

I, for one, cannot sit in a rainy seat in June or bake in August. Perhaps the selection committee et al will give up their seats to help our seniors enjoy the great game of baseball.


TACOMA: Cheney’s receding roofline is all wet

Re: “Cheney Stadium’s receding roofline” (TNT, 3-20).

I plan to attend the opening day of Tacoma Rainiers baseball April 15 and am looking forward to it rain or shine, but this receding roofline really bothers me. This is the first time I heard of this.

I was aware of the controversial contract bids, but this will be definitely problematic. By looking at the newspaper photos, I am concerned with the openness of the grandstand seating without cover. I can’t believe this plan was given permission to proceed.

Really? Uncovered during our rainiest season from April to July? Where do the

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CHENEY: Remodel cheats team, hometown fans

I have to give a huge thumbs down to the City of Tacoma and whoever else is responsible for the Cheney Stadium remodel.

As of this writing, our hometown Tacoma Rainiers are one win away from the Pacific Coast League championship. Not a single playoff game has been actually played in Tacoma. Loyal Rainier fans had to drive up to Seattle to see the first round. And the latest humiliation: All of the championship games are in Memphis.

Why was there no accounting for potential playoffs in the remodeling plans? This is no way to build and

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RAINIERS: Fans ignored at Cheney Stadium

There is still little parking at Cheney Stadium for the casual middle-class fan who decides to go to a ball game. The Rainiers make money by selling parking to Gold Club season ticket holders. Four-fifths of the parking is given up to this and therefore largely empty while the daily parking is full.

The Tacoma City Council promised the fans that they would help the Rainiers address this issue. We will be watching to see if they care about the people.


RAINIERS: Fans deserve first-class owners

We hear, frequently, that Tacoma needs a first-class stadium to meet its potential. Let me suggest that when the remodeled stadium opens next spring, the Rainiers’ ownership needs to step up to the plate.

Until two seasons ago, I used to bring Little Leaguers to a dozen or so games. We spent $20 per child. We stopped coming when the new ownership decided that the insurance for the pitching radar gun and the inflated slide was too costly. Attending a Yakima Bears game that year, and this spring, I was surprised to find that a short-season, rookie A-League team could

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RAINIERS: Going to the first and last game at ‘old’ Cheney Stadium

My wife, Gail, and I are going to the Tacoma Rainiers’ last game at the “old” Cheney Stadium. I wanted to be at the last game there before the $30 million remodel.

I bet I will be the only person in attendance who went to this last game and went to the first game there 50 years ago. It was a day game in April 1960. I skipped school to go with a family friend, Pat O’Malley, who was a Tacoma policeman.

I remember a little bit about the game. I believe we lost to Portland, 7-3. Eddie

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