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US OPEN: Alternatives for tournament parking

Re: U.S. Open parking (TNT, 2-26).

Has anyone involved with finding available parking facilities for the U.S. Open golf tournament looked into the possibility of parking at Cheney Stadium or the Tacoma Dome instead of Fort Steilacoom Park? These two facilities have easy freeway access and can handle more vehicles than the park.


TACOMA: City wastes money on Cheney Stadium lot

Re: “New Cheney lot will allow water to drain” (TNT, 9-26).

Retailers will be flocking to the new, improved Cheney Stadium parking lot to open shop, as that will be the only city-owned smooth pavement in Tacoma to drive on.

Don’t worry if your automobile is leaking fluids; the new pavement will filter it. As a bonus, the grass there will be fed chemical fertilizers that will leach under the pavement, not through it, and run off to the water and kill the fish.

The roads of Tacoma already have this fine feature of filtration; it’s called potholes. Why

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TACOMA: Council has wrong road priorities

The Tacoma City Council tells us that we don’t have the funds to repair or replace city streets. Then it spends money to replace a perfectly good parking lot at Cheney Stadium.

Want an example of where better to spend tax money? I challenge the council members to drive on East 64th Street from Pacific Avenue to the county line (near Waller Road). It is a heavily traveled street that is in complete disrepair.

But, alas, it doesn’t matter; it’s only East Tacoma.


TACOMA: Cheney Stadium updates don’t seem safe

I recently made my first – and last – visit to the new Cheney Stadium. While it looks nice, attempting to get seated revealed a glaring safety issue.

Our seats were in Row 12. but handrails only extended to the first four rows. This lack of handrails did allow the addition of two seats to each row, but at significant risk to the public.

I observed younger patrons also having difficulty above Row 4, especially if carrying loads and having no steadying rails. The seatbacks are too low and require a hand to be used. The plastic seats are too

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TACOMA: New Cheney a great place for baseball

Thanks to a team of community members and tradesmen, the great American pastime is alive and well in the City of Destiny.

After 51 seasons of play, the community came together to create a stadium fit for 2010 Pacific Coast League champions, the Tacoma Rainiers. Through one of the wettest winters in local history, 115 of our neighbors and friends took on the challenge to renovate Cheney Stadium before the first pitch of the 2011 season. Their work was complete in only 210 days – a triumph of determination, even by today’s standards.

Walking through the new gates into a

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TACOMA: What did the public get in Cheney Stadium’s renovation?

Watching the Tacoma Rainiers day game Tuesday, we were left wondering what the general public received in return for the publicly funded improvements at Cheney Stadium.

The day before the game, the best seats weren’t available and the tickets weren’t available online or by phone the day of the game. The only option was to purchase tickets at the stadium. But after standing in line for 35 minutes, we were told by one of the only two ticket takers on hand that two box seats, next to each other, weren’t available.

Inside the stadium we discovered that most of the

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TACOMA: Parking and safety concerns at Cheney Stadium

We finally made it out to the new Cheney Stadium last weekend.

Upon arrival we were greeted by an attendant holding a sign: “Lot is Full.”

Across the street at the Fred Meyer and Milgard Breast Center, guards were on duty and threatening to tow any event parkers. We eventually parked at the Windermere Plaza, which also had tow signs posted but no guards. We then had to play Frogger to cross the busy street with no crosswalks.

After the game the trek back to the car was very uncomfortable. The exit road was dark, crowded with pedestrians and speeding

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TACOMA: Give new Cheney Stadium a chance

I’m amused by all of the furor created by Lewis Kamb’s front-page article (TNT, 3-20), the follow-up column by Peter Callaghan (3-22) and then an editorial (3-23) concerning the roofline at Cheney Stadium.

Reporters, columnists, editorial writers and “fans” are in a lather that the “regular people” will be out in the blazing sunshine or be forced to sit in torrential rainstorms to watch a ballgame. I, for one, have never gone to a game in a pouring rain, and if a shower came up during the game I always found shelter.

While I have fond memories of the old

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