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OBAMA: Why does he refuse to negotiate with Congress?

President Barack Hussein Obama is eager to negotiate chemical weapons policy with thugs like Russia’s top dog Vladimir Putin and Syria’s biggest butcher Bashar Assad. Obama is even ready to negotiate nuclear weapons development with Iranian mullahs.

So why is Obama reluctant to negotiate important fiscal issues with Congress like federal debt limits, entitlement reform, discretionary spending cuts, health care policies, defense spending and tax reform?

House Republicans represent the majority of congressional districts in the United States, yet Obama continues to ignore them while trusting the foreign enemy that seeks to destroy our freedom.


WEAPONS: Please be sure to buy American

Dear brothers and sisters in the world family: When you kill each other, do not use unconventional weapons. They are immoral and improper. Please use proper conventional weapons, like those sold by bona fide American arms manufacturers.

We proudly sell more weapons to the world than the next 10 leading arms-producing nations combined, and we plan to keep it that way! Buy American.

This public service announcement was brought to you by your military industrial complex.


SYRIA: President’s head is much above water

Most everyone hates war, and so far the polls reflect that. But let’s be perfectly clear: President Obama did what a previous president refused to do regarding Syria and that was to call himself “the decider” while making a unilateral decision based on false and misleading evidence to take us to war without the approval of Congress at a cost of $1 trillion.

Let’s also be clear that 189 nations signed on to the 1925 Geneva Accord banning the use of chemical weapons. The United States was one of those signatories.

The “red line in the sand” is now being

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