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TACOMA: Let voters decide on charter change

I am 37 years old and have lived in Tacoma all my life. I was excited this year that I might be able to vote on the kind of government that Tacoma should have. I was awaiting the great debate between supporters of the current council-manager form and those in favor of the form proposed by 60 percent of the Charter Review Committee: mayor-council-chief administrative officer (CAO).

Now I hear that the City Council might refuse to let us vote on what form of government we, the people of Tacoma, want for ourselves.

If this is correct, are the council

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TACOMA: Let people vote on charter changes

Re: “Charter review deck stacked” (letter, 4-30).

The writer berated the 2014 Charter Review Committee in an uninformed and personal way.

I am a member of the committee of 15 citizens who attended more than 60 meetings, addressing issues of city government at the request of the City Council.

Early in the game, a News Tribune editorial (2-11) claimed the committee was handpicked to help put Tacoma Public Utilities under the control of the City Council and to adopt a “strong” mayor form of government. The committee recommended neither.

There was little sentiment to put TPU under the

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TACOMA: Resist putting utilities under council control

John Ladenburg (letter, 2-13) and Bill Baarsma (letter, 2-13) raised different criticisms of The News Tribune’s editorial, “Coming soon: Raid on Tacoma utilities” (2-11).

Ladenburg suggested that an autonomous utility is dangerous due to its history of expansionist policies and hiding issues from the Tacoma City Council.

During the energy crisis of 2000-2001, Tacoma Public Utilities needed to significantly raise rates to prevent insolvency. Under the city charter, rate increases proposed by the utility board need the approval of the City Council.

As a member of the City Council during that period, approving the 50 percent increase

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