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ELECTION: Tacoma misses opportunity

Obviously, the people of Tacoma wanted change, given the overwhelming support they gave the charter amendments. As a member of the charter review committee, I say “Bravo.” I am sure most committee members would agree.

It is a shame that the council refused to allow the people to decide if they should have a mayor-council-chief administrative officer form of government. Given the mood of the people, it probably would have passed. But that would have shaken the status quo, so Tacoma misses an opportunity to move forward.


TACOMA: Conservation charter amendment good for everyone

Conservation of electricity and water saves money for all utility customers and protects the environment. Tacoma Public Utilities uses conservation programs to meet growth in demand and save money. TPU’s award-winning conservation programs have exceeded their targets four years in a row.

The utility uses incentive programs for residential and business customers that help them save money by lowering their utility bills. These programs mean that the utility does not need to build expensive new facilities to meet growing demand.

Important protections in the City Charter prevent city employees from personally benefiting from city business. One unintended consequence is that

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CHARTER AMENDMENTS: Tacoma Charter Amendments

Proposed Charter Amendment 8, which would allow Tacoma City Council members to serve for 10 consecutive years in addition to serving two full years as mayor, should not be voted into law.

Councilman David Boe says the amendment would allow the most qualified people — those who have previously served multiple terms on the City Council to run for mayor. Mayor Marilyn Strickland said the proposed charter amendment would provide better continuity of leadership.

But there are many qualified citizens fully capable of serving at the council level or as mayor. We do not need to create dynasties. The current

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TACOMAS: Let voters choose form of government

The Tacoma City Council appointed citizens to suggest improvements in Tacoma’s governance by charter amendments. Twelve proposals of the committee will be on the November ballot.

But the council refused to put the most important issue before the people. That is a recommendation, not to change the government form, but to let the voters decide to retain the status quo or install a government with an elected chief executive (mayor), a stronger council and a chief administrative officer (CAO) who would perform the duties of a city manager.

The committee vote was 9-5 to put that on the ballot. A

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PIERCE COUNTY: More partisan political games?

Re: “Trim County Council by 2?” (TNT, 7-20).

Pierce County just finished a County Council redistricting process, an expense that we must bear every 10 years, following the U.S. Census. Not everyone was happy with the results, and in my opinion they seem to have devised a plan to force a “do over.”

Roger Bush, chairman of the County Council, has sponsored a bill to decrease the size of the council by two seats, forcing a new redistricting process. This proposal is supposed to save us, the taxpayers, more money. Really?

The addition of 40,000 constituents to the remaining five

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