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ELECTION: Wiggins is a distinguished candidate

There is much to like about Justice Richard Sanders. He’s a charming and relentless populist. You can see it in all his decisions – voting with the majority when they agree with these views, dissenting when they don’t. Sanders really sticks to his guns.

But that better describes an advocate than a judge, and the distinction is critical. The “rule of law” entitles citizens to an assurance that the outcome of cases turns so far as possible not on the personal views of the judge but on principles laid down by the Legislature in a governing statute or fairly emerging

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ELECTION: Chushcoff beholden to no one

After reading the article regarding the specter of bias on the state supreme court (TNT, 8-8), I wondered if you were aware that for Position 6, the only candidate not touting endorsements is Judge Bryan Chushcoff.

While both incumbent Richard Sanders and challenger Charlie Wiggins repeatedly extol their endorsements here, there and everywhere, Chushcoff is the only independent candidate in this race as it is intended to be – apolitical.

Supreme court justices should not be representing the Republican nor the Democrat ideologies. They should be representing the people of Washington.

Chushcoff also is not accepting campaign contributions. Isn’t this

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