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IRAQ: Krauthammer lives in fantasy land

Re: “Obama turned Bush’s success into collapse” (Charles Krauthammer column, 5-22).

Once again, Krauthammer has danced his way to fantasy land.

The collapse of the Iraqi army also happened when we invaded Iraq. The soldiers put down their weapons and abandoned their government rather quickly.

At the time, members of the Bush administration said it proved how desperate and afraid the citizens of Iraq were of Saddam Hussein. We were assured the war would be over in a few months. The rise of insurgents proved how wrong they were, leading to the longest war in modern American history.

Once again, the Iraqi army has

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ACA: Krauthammer OK with ‘transfer of wealth’?

It is time to call the bluff of Charles Krauthammer, the apparent champion of honesty and transparency, and the deadly foe of any “huge transfer of wealth” (unless, of course it is upward into the hands of the already wealthy).

Never has he noted the massive “transfer” of wealth to the “1 percent” over the past three decades, a ”transfer” fully documented by many writers and economists.

I read his frequent diatribes with gritted teeth, still trying to understand the point of his constant fault-finding, rarely accompanied by any constructive alternatives.

What are his values and motives? He rarely states them,

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KRAUTHAMMER: Columnist ignores facts

Re: Columnist Charles Krauthammer.

What my conservative opponents fail to understand is when liberals like me think that the opinions of Krauthammer are a waste of space, it is not because of his ideology. Conservative columnist George Will offers opinions I disagree with, but at least they are (until recently) intellectually honest.

Our objection to Krauthammer is that he writes half-truths, ignores facts that are inconvenient and generally does not know what he is talking about.

Three weeks ago he wrote that “they (ISIS) count on Barack Obama quitting the Iraq/Syria campaign” and that “Obama’s “broad coalition” remains a fantasy.”

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TNT: What are Krauthammer’s credentials?

I note with some amusement that Charles Krauthammer’s column is drawing attention from letter writers. Some approve, others do not, which is as it should be.

I appreciate diversity of opinion as much as anyone. My problem with Krauthammer is less about his views – he is entitled to them, as we all are – than with the frequency with which his column appears and with the fact that he seems to lack the credentials and sources which we should expect from a columnist.

I understand that he is a retired physician, but he rarely expresses medical opinions except to

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TNT: Free speech is widely misunderstood

Re: “Krauthammer critics would squelch free speech” (letter, 9-19).

The writer defends columnist Charles Krauthammer against his critics., claiming they are infringing on Krauthammer’s constitutional right to free speech. In so doing, the writer reveals an all too common misunderstanding of free speech.

The United States Constitution prevents only the government from restricting the people’s right to speak freely. The Constitution does not require that other people have to listen to you.

For instance: No newspaper is required to print anything stated by anybody; but that doesn’t stop anyone from speaking.

No business, organization, corporation or even a governmental employer

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TNT: Krauthammer’s views provide balance

Recent letter writers have urged The News Tribune to stop printing Charles Krauthammer’s column, citing it as divisive and too strident.

Krauthammer’s views provide the necessary balance to the likes of Eugene Robinson and Leonard Pitts Jr., who peddle the liberal media agenda. Newspapers not willing to provide balanced coverage of all events soon find themselves desperate for readers.

Krauthammer irks liberal readers because he challenges them to think outside of their boxes and comfort zones. Leave us not forget that he began as a liberal writer and eventually grew into his conservatism. Perhaps the disenchanted are afraid they, too,

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TNT: Krauthammer critics would squelch free speech

Recently there have been several letters to the editor concerning the conservative pundit Charles Krauthammer. It started with the first letter suggesting that our paper drop Kruauthammer’s frequent articles because he is a high paid (by the Republicans) to denigrate President Obama with lies.

There were two follow up letters, one agreeing Krauthammer should not be allowed in our paper, and one defending him. That is, Krauthammer loses two to one in his struggle to continue writing his columns for the media.

The arguments were largely based on Krauthammer’s preconceived lack of veracity. It isn’t a matter of veracity or

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TNT: Krauthammer adds to the national vitriol

Re: “Krauthammer spews anti-Obama propaganda” (letter, 9-15).

I concur with the letter writer’s analysis of Charles Krauthammer’s vitriol. I stopped reading his column because the hatred he spews makes my blood boil.

I understand the necessity for The News Tribune to present varied opinions, but consider other writers and do your part to heal the deep political chasm that divides our nation.