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CHAMBERS CREEK: Missed timing with hotel plan

If there’s a plan to build a hotel on the Chambers Creek Properties (TNT, 2-27), why wasn’t it done in time for the U.S. Open?

Speaking of which, why not build a temporary dock right next to the course and bring in a cruise ship or two – immediate hotel rooms for thousands, plus restaurants and casinos!


PIERCE COUNTY: Safety is project’s top priority

Re: “Sewage project poses danger” (letter, 7-18).

We hope these answers ease concern regarding the Chambers Creek Tunnel Rehabilitation project. This project rehabilitates an existing sewer pipe that is nearly 30 years old and subject to failure.

We know the hazards of sewage transport and are serious about keeping control of it. We have taken several safety measures at the site. Traffic speeds through the construction zone are slow and monitored by flaggers. This minimizes the potential for a high-speed impact to the bypass pipe. Also, sewage won’t be in the bypass pipes when we are not on site monitoring

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PIERCE COUNTY: Sewage project poses danger

I live near Chambers Creek Road where Pierce County’s sewer tunnel project is taking place. Raw sewage will be pumped from a tunnel 80 feet underground to two 24-inch plastic pipes above ground to bypass the sewer line. The raw sewage will be under pressure.

Chambers Creek Road is heavily traveled, and since the two plastic sewer lines are right next to the roadway I am concerned about the possibility of a vehicle crashing into them and causing a rupture. With any rupture and the sewage under pressure there is the potential for thousands of gallons of raw sewage to

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PIERCE COUNTY: Sewer fees misspent on beach bridge

Re: “Bridge to reopen long-closed beach” (TNT, 7-8).

The article stated that $650,000 of the funding for the Bridge to the Beach came from the Pierce County sewer utility. Actually, that money came from Pierce County residents who pay the sewer fees.

This is especially galling inasmuch as sewer fees were recently increased. What possible connection do sewer fees have to this pedestrian bridge?