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UPLACE: Don’t waste energy on name change

Re: “UP considers a name change” (TNT, 8-18).

Changing the name of University Place to Chambers Bay makes no sense. Our history is in our name. The golf event is outstanding, but if someday a marathon originated at Curran Orchard should the name be changed again?

College Station, Texas, wanted to energize the community with a name change; the winner: Malfunction Junction. College Station stayed.

Let our City Council spend its energy acquiring solid businesses for the city and not painting a new name over University Place.


UPLACE: Don’t obligate citizens for Open costs

Re: “U.S. Open task force set” (TNT, 8-13).

University Place’s creation of a three council-member task force to support the U.S. Open is disturbing.

University Place is governed by a seven-member, elected City Council, not a three-member task force. Presumably, the new task force and its members will be subject to public open meetings laws, and meetings will be well-publicized and available for sewer ratepayer and city taxpayer comment and participation.

Ratepayers and taxpayers are already underwriting Chambers Bay course construction and operations losses to the tune of $31 million in loans and tax revenue diversions, without a firm

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PIERCE COUNTY: Taxpayers on the hook for Chambers Bay course

I visited Chambers Bay Tuesday morning to see if my personal vision of the world-renowned golf course and park had been changed by some of the latest news and comments.

It is a wonderful golf course, and the park has great views and many uses for all local residents. Employees are helpful and engaging. I enjoyed a very nice lunch and a blustery walk around the vast and windswept acres that very enjoyable. First class!

I am quite pleased that the estimated sales tax revenue and other income that Pierce County has earned is healthy. But the course cannot pay

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CHAMBERS BAY: Visitors might be here anyway

Re: “It’s about more than golf” (letter, 2-23).

The letter writer attempts to make a point about how much out-of-town visitors playing at Chambers Bay golf course contribute in taxes each year. He suggests that the golfer from Chicago might be asked what hotel he stayed in, where he ate his meals, if he rented a car.

The pertinent question is, “Was his (and other visitors’) primary reason for being in town or staying longer to play the Chambers Bay golf course?” If not, the writer’s point is muted.


CHAMBERS BAY: Don’t subsidize course with sewer fees

It may have been purely coincidence, but I received my bill showing yet another sewer rate increase the same day (2-17) The News Tribune ran an article about the Chambers Bay golf course receiving subsidies from the Pierce County Sewer Utility.

I have to ask how anyone can justify $850,000 in sewer fees being used in this way. Adding insult to injury is the fact that retroactive payments were also made going back to 2007. The explanations given sounded like much of the typical government “speak” when those in authority want something done, whether it makes sense or not.

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CHAMBERS BAY: Look at the success story

The article on Chambers Bay golf course continuing to lose money (TNT, 2-18) could actually have been headlined “Chambers Bay reducing debt.” The statistics you provided from 2010 to 2011 actually showed a decrease in the course’s deficit and increase in its revenue.

It’s all how you present it, and many people continue to predict, or wish for, the failure of this venture. The sole Pierce County Council member who voted against it is quoted as criticizing the golf course once again. No new news there.

The real news is the stunning success of the entire Chambers property. The

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CHAMBERS BAY: It’s about more than golf

Re: “Chambers still in the hole” (TNT, 2-18).

Chambers Bay golf course was not designed to be just another course but a tournament and tourist economic development attraction. Yet, every year The News Tribune does a budget-revenue analysis without any consideration of the course’s real goals.

Ironically, you publish a photograph of a golfer from Chicago on the course. Someone might have asked that golfer what hotel he stayed in, where he ate his meals, if he rented a car.

A real analysis of the success of Chambers Bay would be to find out how much sales tax, car

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SCC: Paradise Lost to sex predators

Re: “Don’t waste funds on predators’ ‘blank check’ defense” (editorial, 2-6).

I couldn’t agree more with the headline’s sentiment. However, it does not naturally follow for me that even if we did manage to drive their defense costs down substantially, it would make any more sense to keep those 284 sexual predators on McNeil Island than it did to keep the near thousand regular run-of-the-mill state prisoners there once upon a time.

After all, the only reason we ever moved all those predators onto McNeil Island in the 1990s was because we already had a small army of state

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