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US OPEN: Complaints are way off base

As someone who has attended several professional golf tournaments both inside the ropes as a caddie (Tam O’Shanter Niles, Illinois, 1951-1958) and as a fan (Oakland Hills U.S. Open, Ryder Cup and others), I would like to respond to the golfer and fan complaints about Chamber Bay.

To the whining golfers: The conditions, good or bad, are the same for everyone so get over it.

To the whining fans: You gotta be kidding.

Chamber Bay”s elevations and lack of trees make it a natural amphitheater for watching a golf tournament. My son and I had a wonderful Father’s Day at the

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UPLACE: Let’s rename city Chambers Bay

Re: “University Place is grown up, so change name and act like it” (The Nose, 5-8).

The Nose has it right. Just do it. Renaming the city of University Place is an idea worth considering.

Why not take advantage of the opportunity to attract much-needed business development by making Chambers Bay the city’s official name? And reserve the name of University Place School District to keep alive the story of how a city began.


US OPEN: Move quickly to reopen amenities

Hosting the U.S. Open is a great honor for our region.

Although the temporary closure of the off-leash park, trails and beach is inconvenient, Pierce County officials need to follow through on their commitment to reopen these public amenities ASAP after the tournament is over.

(Klosowski is a former University Place City Council member.)


US OPEN: Challenging course a win for viewers

Re: “Golfer takes first swings at Chambers Bay in tweet” (John McGrath column, 4-30).

When I watch a major golf tournament on TV, I am often lightly disappointed when the scores are far under par. This summer at Chambers Bay, I would love the winning score in the U.S. Open to be even-steven par.

No one complains at the Masters when a beautiful shot comes within 10 feet of the pin only to see it roll back 40 feet into the water. Wouldn’t it be thrilling to see these accomplished pros really have to earn every $7,000 shot?



US OPEN: Public being shut out of public park

Re: “Take closures in stride as golf world preps for visit” (editorial, 4-15).

The News Tribune believes we should all take trail and dog park closures at Chambers Bay in stride and states “those things might not be there in the first place were it not for the golf course.” I remind the News Tribune that the Chambers Bay Golf Course might not be there were it not for taxpaying bird watchers, dog walkers and hikers.

Chambers Bay is a public park, but it is being treated almost as if it is a private golf course. Recently, it was revealed

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US OPEN: Why even hold tournament here?

First it was the osprey nest, which was at Chambers Bay for years and something many of us enjoyed watching. Then it was the dog park. Now it is a ban on boats on Chambers Bay near the U.S. Open site, not to mention parking restrictions on Grandview Drive West.

I don’t know why Chambers Bay was even selected for the site. The things that make that park attractive and the unique signature of our environment are being stripped away. By the time they’re finished, the U.S. Open could be held anywhere.

Maybe the sponsors can paint over the sky

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US OPEN: Restrictions are all about money

Re: “Plan would ban boats near Open” (TNT, 4-8).

Every time I read of another restriction placed on the taxpaying citizens of University Place, I have to wonder who is pulling the strings of the City Council.

From the removal of the dog park and the ban on parking on private property to no food trucks or vendors and now a 1,000-yard restriction on the water, it would seem that unless the U.S. Open organization makes money from it, all activities are being banned.

To my way of thinking, this last ploy was meant on ensuring that no one could watch anything without paying,

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OIL: There are too many unanswered questions

The concern about safer oil tanker trains and inspection costs are a few of many concerns which must be addressed before we have more oil tankers rolling through our neighborhoods and cities.

Who will inspect the bridges for safety? Railroads don’t have to permit any inspections on bridges or tracks. What protection will people have if there is an accident and spill or explosion?

In the 2013 Quebec explosion, which killed 47 people, damages ran to almost $2 billion. The railroad company had $25 million in insurance and declared bankruptcy.

In the recent West Virginia explosion and fire, people living

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