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ELECTION: Invest now in Central Pierce facilities

Re: Central Pierce Fire & Rescue bond measure.

In 2008, voters failed to approve a similar facilities bond with 58 percent support just short of the required 60 percent supermajority. Fire commissioners postponed going to voters again due to our struggling economy.

Now, five years later, the need is even greater and facilities repairs will only become more costly if not addressed.

Now is the time while interest rates and construction costs are still low. Funding these projects now will save taxpayers millions over the life of the bonds. This is a smart investment.

Central Pierce has no debt, clean

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ELECTION: Support your local Central Pierce heroes

As someone who credits her life to the efforts of local firefighters and paramedics, I ask you to join me in voting yes on the Central Pierce Fire & Rescue bond measure.

I never dreamed last December that as a 48-year-old otherwise healthy wife and mother that my heart would suddenly stop due to a rare condition that nearly cost me my life.

As the ambulance and fire truck rushed to our home, the Central Pierce staff coached my husband through CPR while my 10-year-old son held the phone to his dad’s ear. Those efforts were critical in saving my

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ELECTION: Voters should invest in their safety

Much like every taxpayer, paying more is not a wanted burden. Yet I would ask that voters in Pierce County support the bond measures of Central Pierce and South Pierce fire departments to improve capital infrastructures in order to better respond throughout their communities.

As a subject matter expert who travels internationally to assess fire departments, I believe it is critical for public safety organizations to maintain system readiness with facilities properly located and seismically constructed. This, in part, provides the safety, security and ability for firefighters to respond to our calls for emergency assistance.

Community demographics are changing and

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ELECTION: Support bond for Central Pierce updates

In 1951, the voters of Midland Fire District 4 voted a 20-year bond issue to build a new fire station.  For many years this was a volunteer fire department, however with changes it’s now staffed 24-7 with professional firefighters, an engine and medic unit answering several calls a day.

With these changes, the present station is not of proper layout for full-time staffing. Also, the location is not proper for safe response onto major roadways for emergency response.

Under the present leadership of Central Pierce Fire & Rescue, we have seen our insurance class rating lowered from a Class 6

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CENTRAL PIERCE: Voter support needed Aug. 16

Thank you to The News Tribune for endorsing Central Pierce Fire & Rescue’s Aug. 16 ballot measures (editorial, 8-3). The emergency medical services levy and the fire benefit charge make up nearly half the fire district’s revenue and must be renewed by voters every six years. These are not new taxes or a tax increase.

Basic fire district funding was established back in the 1930s for rural volunteer departments. Many fire districts now serve more densely populated communities and have taken on more responsibilities such as emergency medical services, hazardous materials and technical rescue. Consequently, the Legislature has responded by providing

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