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HUNTING: The real bird killer is domestic house cat

Re: “Groups want ban on lead” (TNT, 3-26).

Since 1991, non-lead shot has been a requirement for all waterfowl hunters, and the incidences of lead poisoning has decreased. Those who are proposing non-lead bullets for all shooting and hunting are anti-gun or anti-hunting advocates.

If their concern was really for birds they would target the real problem, which is cats.

According to the Wild Bird Conservancy website, there are approximately 77 million domestic house cats in the U.S. A conservative estimate of one bird kill per month per cat would put the annual wild bird loss at 1.8 billion,

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CATS: Development hurts wildlife more

Re: “Beloved pets are decimating wildlife” (letter, 2-14).

I wonder where the letter writer got the idea that cats are decimating wildlife. As a point of interest, Nico Dauphin, a bird researcher for the Smithsonian’s National Migratory Bird Research Center, was fired after being convicted of animal cruelty after being caught on film trying to poison cats.

Her false statistics on feral and domestic cats killing more than a billion birds a year has been debunked by the American Bird Conservatory and the Wildlife Society. The real reason for the decrease in bird population is loss of habitat through

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CATS: Beloved pets are decimating wildlife

Re: “Dial C for cat” (Bill Hall column, 2-11).

I normally enjoy Hall’s column. Unfortunately, this one is so far from reality that I must respond from a naturalist’s point of view.

To be blunt, cats directly kill 500 million wild birds a year in America alone. They also kill millions more indirectly. All the proof you need is to observe any meadow adjacent to a new housing development.

Before people and their cats arrive, a meadow is a healthy environment that provides much-needed habit and forage for birds. Before long (a few years) trees will have filled in

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CATS: Owners need to protect wildlife

The News Tribune recently published two articles regarding adopting cats. I feel that the articles were irresponsible in their lack of information regarding protecting at-risk wildlife from cats.

I have always had three bells on my cat because I was sick of her bird kills. I also always paid to register her and have a tag on that collar. I have seen no other owners in my neighborhood engaging in such “bird maybe safe” and civilly responsible actions.

On the same day as the cat adoption article was published, there was, in the “No Kidding” feature, a statistic that

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PETS: Older animals still have a lot to give

Re: “Many feline friends still in need” (TNT, 7-29).

We lost “Emmabean” a few years ago (possibly to coyotes). I still went to the Tacoma shelter daily to see if she had been found. Resigned that she was gone for good, I began looking at other cats at “the pound.” One in particular caught my eye.

“Odie” was 9 years old. For whatever reason, someone had dropped her off earlier that day. She was lying down quietly, but when I approached the cage, she got up, walked over, bumped my hand and purred loudly. We took her home.


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