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RELIGION: Church trying to impose its beliefs

Re: “No one has to work for church” (letter, 6-22).

There is one huge flaw in the letter writer’s passionate but erroneous defense of the Roman Catholic Church’s so-called right to freedom of religion. He fails to acknowledge that we all have that right.

No one says that Catholics who don’t believe in birth control have to use it. However, that same right to religious freedom prevents the church from forcing its beliefs about birth control on others. It is also barred by law from discriminating against Americans who do not share their religious beliefs. That includes denying them

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PLURALISM: Liberals aren’t the oppressors

Usually conservatives hide the differences between liberal and conservative values. But Michael Gerson (column, 6-19) freely admits how liberalism exalts the values of “equality and choice,” while conservatism seeks to conserve “exclusive, traditional … sectarian beliefs and hierarchical authority.”

But then Gerson dives into the conservative philosophical mire, stating that “liberal” government defends “individual rights against every form of oppression, public and private,” thus running roughshod over defenseless conservatives and their cherished hierarchy.

In contrast, he maintains, conservatives favor “pluralism” – government that tolerates traditional values and institutions – as long as they aren’t too offensive. So a conservative government

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RELIGION: No one forced to work for church

Re: “Crusade by the conservatives” (letter, 6-14).

Where do the rights of the writer stop and the rights of the Roman Catholic Church begin?

The Roman Catholic Church has been steadfast in its standards for hundreds of years longer than the writer has been alive. As a religious organization, that church has the moral right and constitutional protection from being ordered to violate a core belief. This isn’t about a woman’s right to contraceptive insurance coverage; it’s about a government action interfering in that church’s protected right to free practice without the federal government interfering or taking over.


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RELIGION: Vatican denounces again

Re: “Vatican denounces nun over book on sexuality” (TNT, 6-6).

It looks like the leaders of my church are at it again. The article stated that the Vatican office said that the book by Sister Margaret A. Farley, “Just Love: A Framework for Christian Sexual Ethics,” was “not consistent with authentic Catholic theology” and should not be used by Catholics.

I’m old enough to remember when the church not only told me what books not to read, but also what movies not to see under pain of sin and even not to read the Bible since as a layperson

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RELIGION: Conservatives have launched crusade

I’m not sure what it is, but there seems to be something missing in the debate between Catholic leaders and our government.

In a genuine attempt to provide fair and equitable health care for all of us, the Obama administration has correctly balanced the important health issues of women with those of our male counterparts. This same consideration also focuses on care for infants and children and the need for affordable family health insurance. Surely Catholic leaders and conservative evangelicals agree with this equality.

At issue then, is religious doctrine and the “protection” of religious freedom. Extending the freedom for

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RELIGION: Catholic women must not be silent

Re: “Catholic institutions sue over birth control” (TNT, 5-22).

I cannot believe that all the women in the Catholic Church do not use some sort of birth control. They should be ashamed to stand by in silence to this blatant attack on women.

When will they stand up to the all-male hierarchy in the church and take back the place that is rightfully theirs?

Women should have absolute control over what they choose to do with their bodies. They are allowing men who knowingly condoned child sexual abuse to make decisions for them and their daughters.



RELIGION: Catholic Church again shows leadership

This past year, the Catholic Church has spoken out in defense of marriage between a man and a woman, and the right to conscience and freedom of religion.

I am honored to consider myself a practicing Catholic. Not one of us is free from sin and skeletons in their closet. As a Catholic, I honor the church’s direction of standing for God’s laws, his truth and his love and mercy for the past 2,000-plus years.

I do not profess to be perfect, just a sinner. When I fall, I ask God loves direction, mercy and guidance to get up from

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RELIGION: Line of popes began years after Peter

In responding to the suggestion that the Catholic Church needs to modernize, a letter writer (TNT, 4-29) credits the church with more than 2,000 years of wisdom, dating back to the first pope, the apostle Peter.

The Official Catholic Directory lists a line of popes beginning with Peter, but for the first 400 years, these men were bishops of Rome, not popes. Secular history shows the rise of the papacy much later.

Peter, of course, was never a pope. When Jesus named him Petros (a piece of rock), he then said “Upon this Petra (a mass of rock) I

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