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MARRIAGE: Defining Catholic teaching on marriage

Re: “Why religious leaders stick to their guns on homosexuality” (Your Voice, 6-28).

Rev. Donald Heinz gave an interesting point of view. Being a religious studies professor as well as a Lutheran minister, he must have considered these to be qualifying credentials to weigh in on what Catholicism teaches about marriage. We can all learn especially when information is complete.

What was disconcerting was his statement about Catholic teaching on marriage: “Hence all marital sex is about procreation.”

That is only half of what the Catholic Church teaches concerning marriage. Heinz conveniently left out the unitive dimension of conjugal love as

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CLIMATE: Pope forgets about overpopulation problem

I was surprised to see that Pope Francis is concerned with environmental degradation and climate change (TNT, 6-19).

I agree with his critique of consumerism, irresponsible development and reckless pursuit of profits as factors contributing to destruction of the environment, but I see no mention of the root cause for all of these, which is obviously overpopulation.

Pope Francis has the power to make an enormous contribution to the problem of overpopulation: Simply issue another “papal encyclical” reversing the Catholic Church’s ridiculous prohibition of birth control.


BORDER: Catholic Church should step up to help

The devastating flight and plight of the young Central American refugees who are massing along our southern border has created a humanitarian crisis of almost mind-numbing proportions.

That this crisis has assumed an epic dimension is largely inarguable. Of similar proportion, is the thorny task of answering the question, “How may we resolve this overwhelming problem with compassion, with responsibility, and in good faith?”

The American Catholic Church – in its every way, shape, and form – must recognize and embrace this desperate hour. It must lead the way, as a matter of Christian conscience, by providing the management, the

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ABUSE: Is screening needed for teachers?

Much has been written about the sexual abuse that occurred in the Catholic Church in recent decades. There has been a great deal of vitriol aimed at the church for that abuse and how it was subsequently handled.

An objective look at the church’s response will show that many safeguards are now in place, including more stringent psychological screening of candidates for the priesthood. So why not require psychological screening for those wishing to enter the teaching profession?

Another high-profile arrest (TNT, 2-8) seems to suggest that too many new teachers are unaware of appropriate boundaries with students. If

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RELIGION: Catholic school right to fire gay educator

Re: “Marriage led to firing, educator says” (TNT, 1-7).

The firing of the vice principal of the Catholic school in Sammamish was determined by the educator himself. He knew the well-known standard of the church in regards to homosexuality. That was and is determined by the Holy Bible, which states: ‘Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womenkind: it is an abomination.”

The Catholic Church has every reason and legal right to fire those who are not obeying or living up to the standards that the church teaches. But it is more than that; it is their responsibility

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CONGRESS: Take a lesson from the cardinals

Congratulations to the Catholic Church, whose 115 cardinals representing 157 countries with many cultural and language differences were able to select a leader in less than two days to serve more than a billion members.

Compare that accomplishment to a single country, with a highly paid Congress that has approval ratings at a record low, which cannot agree or get anything done for the people for whom they were elected to represent.

It makes one wonder about the power of prayer and serving one God as opposed to these officials serving their corporate and special interest “gods.” Maybe a little

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ELECTION: Paul Ryan’s budget cuts ‘immoral’

Do Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan think that older Americans who currently receive Medicare benefits don’t care what happens to our children and grandchildren who are 54 and younger as long as we keep “getting ours”?

That is not only personally insulting to us as parents and grandparents, but reflects Ryan’s adherence to the writings of his idol, Ayn Rand, who he says inspired him to enter public life.

Rand equated individual wealth with success and claimed that poverty was evidence of inferiority. She opposed helping the poor because it encourages them – rather like feeding raccoons in your back

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R-74: ‘Devout’ Catholic wouldn’t act contrary to church teachings

Barbara Gorzinski’s Your Voice opinion (TNT, 7-17) was very misleading as to the teaching and position of the Catholic Church regarding Referendum 74 and same-sex marriage.

Her representation of being a “devout” Catholic was outright fraudulent. Pursuing and engaging in behavior that is contrary to moral teachings falls far short of that which is prescribed by the church. The fact that other so-called “Catholics” might agree with her is irrelevant as concerns church doctrine.

To learn the truth of Catholic thought and teaching on this matter, visit the website of the Archdiocese of Seattle website.