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MILITARY: Article another example of divisiveness

Re: America’s ‘casualty gap’ (TNT, 5-30).

President Obama promised us that he would help heal the racial and socioeconomic divide in this country. Yet once again is another article designed to create further division. In this article, the authors twist statistics to try and demonstrate that the poor are disproportionately represented in the military.

It is true that the majority of soldiers come from lower-income backgrounds. However, a 2005 Heritage Foundation study using census and Department of Defense data found that the household income of recruits generally matches the income distribution of the American population with a slightly higher proportion

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WAR: ‘Casualty’ refers to wounded as well as dead

Re: “America’s ‘casualty gap’” (TNT, 5-30).

The authors initially and accurately refer to Americans “who have lost their lives,” “ultimate sacrifice” and “died.” Then they 16 times use some form of the word “casualty,” which according to dictionaries and the military includes both killed and wounded.

The authors justify this use by writing, “Although the military uses ‘casualty’ to include wounded soldiers . . . the standard practice in political science uses the term casualty to denote deaths.”

I studied some political science and was also a casualty a few times in World War II and strongly disagree. In my

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