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VERDICT: Zimmerman gets away with murder

The George Zimmerman trial was a farce, and his acquittal was a travesty of justice. If Zimmerman had followed law enforcement suggestion to “not follow him,” Trayvon Marton would be alive and Zimmerman would not be the pariah of society that he is now.

Like Casey Anthony, Zimmerman has just gotten away with the “perfect” murder, and like her, he will have to live the rest of his life in fear of who is around the next corner or who is coming up behind him.

While I am not totally sure that he really wanted to kill Trayvon from the

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CASEY ANTHONY: Like it or not, the system worked

I am so tired of hearing about the Casey Anthony trial and that it was such a travesty of justice. Twelve people were tasked to determine this woman’s guilt or innocence. These 12 people are the only ones who really had all the information available in this case.

These 12 people came to a verdict based on the evidence presented. Not what was in the media, not the rantings of some television lawyer interested in ratings. Does anyone really think that the media gave us all the actual facts in the case in a clear and unbiased manner?

We have

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CAYLEE: Justice will be done – eventually

Whoever killed 2-year-old, Caylee Anthony may think he or she has committed the perfect murder and has gotten away with it. In this unjust world, that may be so.

But sooner or later, God will bring every man and woman to justice. In the meantime, may sweet Caylee rest in peace with that sure knowledge.


CASEY ANTHONY: Disturbing case results in O.J.-like verdict

As an attorney and former mental health professional, I found the Casey Anthony case disturbingly compelling. Casey partied for a month after her toddler Caylee died. She obtained a tattoo, “Bella Vita” (beautiful life), and insisted Caylee was kidnapped by a fictitious nanny named Zanaida Gonzalez. A real-life Zanaida Gonzalez has just served Anthony with a defamation suit.

Casey’s attorney, Jose Baez, in a stunning opening statement, suddenly claimed Caylee accidentally drowned. He then accused Casey’s father and brother of molesting Casey. He argued Casey’s partying (and lying) resulted from being abused, yet provided no evidence.

The judge later ruled

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