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TACOMA: Santorno disappoints SOTA-SAMI students

Sounds like Tacoma School District Superintendent Carla Santorno is behind the decision to cancel the SOTA-SAMI trip to Madagascar that students had worked so hard to plan. Supporters of her probably praise her caution. But I see a craven surrender to expediency, including concern for her own legacy.

The flip side of an American electorate that loves moral righteousness, certainty, and ideology over compromise is its tendency to be flummoxed in ambiguous times. Santorno taints an entire continent, because she can’t make a simple geographical distinction.

I’ve taken students to Africa in times of political violence and State Department cautions:

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TACOMA: Voters came through for schoolchildren

The 70-percent vote for approving Proposition 1 blew me away. No previous school bond in the history of Tacoma had received more than 62 percent. Thank you, Tacoma.

I spent much of my first months as superintendent out in the community, and I clearly heard:

• You are deeply committed to making sure Tacoma provides educational excellence for every child, regardless of background or economic circumstance or which neighborhood they live in.

• This community is eager and ready to collaborate – to partner and find new ways to join forces and leverage Tacoma’s talents and resources around a shared

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TACOMA: How much is newsletter costing us?

The 11-by-18-inch, eight-page Spotlight newsletter that was sent out recently to inform Tacoma residents of the Feb. 12 bond measure was extravagant and oversized. The huge photograph of Superintendent Carla Santorno was unnecessary, as were most of the other pictures in the brochure.

I am appalled at the four pictures showing cracked paint, rusty pipes and missing brick mortar. I thought the citizens already paid taxes for repair and maintenance of school buildings. It appears repair and maintenance is deferred until the school district is overwhelmed by its choice of neglect.

It would be interesting to know how much this

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