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POLITICS: Demand honesty, transparency

Capitalism is the only path to freedom, but it can easily be corrupted. Socialism is a form of slavery, but it gives us comfort.

Make the rich pay, spread the wealth, force those lazy bums to work, end welfare handouts…. These political slogans have been shouted long before our country was formed, and they will continue until the demise of the human race.

Our government was formed by men who began their working careers in their preteen years. They knew the value of hard work and the consequences of bad decisions. They designed our country in a structure that gives us,

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ECONOMY: Capitalism system is what’s failing

A recent letter (TNT, 12-3) states that socialism is at the root of our monetary problems. It was the capitalist system which failed.

The Republican tax cut for higher income individuals in year 2001 has produced no new jobs, and still they want to keep the tax reductions for the wealthy. The wealthy have failed to produce jobs, and conservatives are still hoping the peasants don’t figure it out.

Unions came about due to the abuses from those “who own the means of production.” Unions are no more evil than unfettered capitalism.

It must be nice to have a warm

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OIL SPILL: No one but God should own energy

Laissez-faire capitalism, which means corporate power unchecked by regulatory government, is running on empty. A dwindling elite sucks fumes of debt from a bankrupt middle class addicted to unsustainable consumerism, while our natural environment perishes.

Laissez-faire capitalism was based on lies, lies that gave us the 19th Century robber barons, the Great Depression, and Reaganomics’ short-lived but disastrous euphoria.

What were the lies? That enlightened self-interest can replace the ethic of community; that stock holders who invest only for money will sacrifice profit for worker and environmental safety; that private corporations will regulate themselves; that government is the enemy of

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