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BUDGET: Remember the disabled

Re: “Governor’s pen strokes launch $1 billion in public works projects” (TNT, 4-24).

Gov. Chris Gregoire made the right decision by including the Rainier School (a facility for individuals with developmental disabilities) in the recent capital budget.

Rainier School was opened in 1939 as the only such facility in Western Washington and has since expanded to a population of 370 adults. Without the contributed money, the Rainier School would likely close. As Mother Teresa, once said, caring for others should be a top priority because loving others is the best way to make a difference in the world.


LEGISLATURE: Capital budget supports local jobs

Our community will directly benefit from the proposed capital budget now under consideration in Olympia. It is important to Pierce County that we encourage our legislators to vote for this important capital investment plan which could bring more than $515 million in construction activity and up to 6,800 jobs to our communities.

Sewer and water district improvements throughout the county are on the line. Many projects have been delayed in the past. Not only are they important to our community health and safety, they represent a shot in the economic arm for Pierce County.

Two years ago, legislators raided the

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