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TACOMA: Candidate’s actions speak louder than words

If you live in the North End of Tacoma, you may have seen a number of campaign signs appear recently – for a single candidate and no others.

The signs have been up for about a month, and since the primary election is Aug. 18, I assume we’ll enjoy the privilege of their presence for at least the next  six months.

I urge all voters to consider this candidate’s true feelings about using public space for advertising; actions speak louder than words. I believe in the freedom of speech, but I also believe the essence of judgment is that just because

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ELECTION: Remove signs in a timely manner

Re: “Resist the urge to be a self-appointed campaign sign cop” (Viewpoint, 9-21).

Why not go a bit further than Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist urged.

While we sign cops rigorously rid our neighborhoods of unattractive and illegal signs, we know enough to leave campaign signs in place until after the election. But once it’s over, why not assess the same misdemeanor penalties that Lindquist explains on candidates who fail to remove their signs in a timely manner, say within seven to 10 days?


ELECTION: Note to candidates and business owners

Memo to political candidates: Regardless if you won or lost the recent election, please arrange for the pickup and proper disposal of your campaign signs. They are everywhere and are now considered litter. Do the right thing and show us that you really are a responsible citizen. You can’t run from your own signs and we are watching.

Memo to business owners: Do you realize that when you place a political campaign sign or billboard in your place of business, you are potentially alienating half of your customers? I’m new to the area and now know which businesses I

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ELECTION: Clean up the mess

As I was driving from my home on the east side to Lakewood and back this morning, I saw a great many campaign signs still littering the landscape. A large number of them belonged to Dino Rossi, who campaigned on a promise to shrink government and cut expenses at the federal level.

Evidently, he thinks is it acceptable for the taxpayers to have to pay for government to clean up after him at the local level. I did not see a single Patty Murray sign. I think that after a certain number of days, county and city crews should

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ELECTION: Political signs on public rights-of-way are eyesores

There are some candidates who post signs at every telephone pole on every public road, to such an extent that I would say it litters our beautiful community. I counted 75 signs on the public right-of-way for a candidate along a stretch of Orchard Street. Apparently, I live in the area in which he is running (28th District).

These campaign signs are a visual hindrance, both as visual barriers and eyesores. This does not help me at all when I cast my vote. When campaign signs are displayed in people’s front lawns, they show support from the community; when they

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ELECTION: Vote on merit of candidates, not their sign

Norm, Jesse, Ken and Mark, I quickly scanned as I drove down North 26th Street. The proliferation of political campaign signs could mean only one thing — the arrival of the campaign season.

I pondered why Norm, Jesse and the others would feel the need to populate the narrow median with so many of their signs. Aren’t there more effective means to communicate with the voting public with less visual blight? Why do we need to be inundated with sign after sign after sign placed in every slight patch of earth?

I would challenge the candidates to eliminate the signs.

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