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TACOMA: City joins others seeking campaign finance reform

On Tuesday, the Tacoma City Council joined more than 150 municipalities and counties throughout the United States by passing a resolution which states, in part, that corporations are not people with constitutional rights.

In this state, Tacoma joins Bellingham, Olympia, Port Townsend, Seattle, Jefferson County, Snohomish County and Island County in lobbying the state legislature to pass a memorial (formal request) to Congress requesting legislation to reverse the Citizens United Supreme Court decision of 2010. A change will most likely require an amendment to the Constitution.

The Tacoma City Council members spoke convincingly on their reasons for supporting or opposing

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ELECTION: Limit donations by corporations, the rich

We are getting closer to the Gilded Age of American history of the late 1800s, when the wealthy lived in extreme opulence and the majority of Americans were wondering where the next meal was coming from.

When 47 people account for 57.1 percent of the $230 million raised by super PACS – which mainly support Republicans – and more than 1,000 donors giving $10,000 or more were responsible for 94 percent of the super PAC money raised, I say our elections are being bought.

When I see many Americans voting against their own economic self-interest, which has been true since

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ELECTION: Gunn running a clean money campaign

In a letter (TNT, 7-25) about political fund-raising and politicians’ stands on real issues, the writer asks, “Aren’t we supposed to vote for someone with perceived upstanding morals and the ability to make good logical choices in office?”

My answer is, “Yes, and I know someone with those and many other fine qualities like integrity, intelligence and compassion.” His name is Brian Gunn, and he is running for House Position 1 in the 31st Legislative District.

Gunn is running a “clean money campaign” and is only accepting donations from real people in Washington state (limit is $100 per person

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